Thursday, May 20, 2010

Redwork embroidery..

I did this little redwork embroidery last night - I saw it on flickr and fell in love with it!
It is called 'Ambe's World Redwork' and you can find it at Bunnycup Embroidery if you are interested!
The pics are a bit bright but I kept getting a big dull spot where my giant head was blocking the light, you can see it if you look for the shadows :-)
I chose the wording myself and was a bit worried when I finished, it was supposed mean that no matter what rain comes into your life, God is always there loving you and seeing you through.
...but does it look to you like God is there causing the rain?? I hope not!!
Oh well, Alora saw it on my cutting table this morning and has laid claim to it as a pillow so she knows what it's supposed to mean - next time perhaps I best choose my words a little more carefully ;)!

Back soon!

Hugs, Jen xoxo


Flick, said...

So cute Jen! I love the wording.. and the little girl is really sweet. No wonder it has been claimed already, it wouldn't last long here either!
:) Flick

Garry - Barb said...

Thanks Jen. Yes! HE is with us in the rain and the fiery furnaces of our lives. I sometimes forget to remember that.
Once again beautiful work from you hands.