Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My adorable nieces....

I got to spend some time on Sunday with two of my favorite people in the whole world!!....these sweet little girls just steal your heart away....

Emily.... yeah, nice one daddy, all bathed and ready for bed and who gave her promite??!

Look at those baby blues....

Amy and her chocolate kisses...

and all ready for school....

Oooooh!, I just wanna cover them with kisses!!

Jen xo

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Open for business!

Well, I did it, I finally worked out how to list some items in my etsy shop. I am not saying it was easy, I listed three lots, then when I was done and all proud of myself I realised that I had some typos so when to edit them and "somehow" deleted them..... AAAhhhh! I nearly threw it in but strangely I got some inspiration to keep going from the words of Mandy Patinkin when watching a repeat of Criminal minds - "Try again, Fail again, Fail Better" (a Samuel Beckett quote)... so I kept going and tah-dah!, I did it! I can't believe I have been trying to get this online thing going for three years and finally I have done it. I have so many people ask me where they can buy from me online - now I can tell them! And I need to thank my adorable little neighbour Kalia, who is my little model. She is such a joy to work with and a real little trooper. And as you can see her smile just lights up a room!

Thanks for your patience and support and here are some of the things that are available in my store!

Cute retro daisies Apron

Strappy sundress available in three colorus

Petit Rose - from my Haute collection:

Have a great afternoon!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A sneak peek...

I am working on a few new designs for the opening- here is a sneak peek of one of the outfits... just a little one.....


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to his old self

Well, it has been a long week for him but Derrik is finally getting back to his old self. After two nights at the vet they took him off the drip last Saturday and sent him home to us. Although it was good to have him home it was really hard. We were so worried for him, he couldn't even hold his head up. The vet was not sure if he was going to be alright but said the fact that he had made it through three days was a really good sign. The drip worked to clear his kidneys of the venom and they were fine but he was still not out of the woods. Doug, Alora and I spent the week cuddling,snuggling and fussing over him (more than usual!), one of us would hold his head up while the other hand fed him - Doug held him over the litter tray for him to do his business, he slept on our bed with us (as he usually does!) and we made sure that one of us was with him nearly all the time. Well, our prayers (and yours!) were answered and he is nearly back to his old self. His strength has returned, he can go to the food by himself and even snuck out the laundry window tonight to go to the bathroom! - I was so worried when I realised he had gotten out but I found him sitting at the back door waiting to come back inside. Deekie will be coming home this weekend and can't wait to see him! Thank you all for your prayers and support - our lovely boy thanks you too!

Photo wednesday, Raindrops on Roses.....

These are a few of my favorite things......

Our amazing son, the rock star - he is 22 years old and is the funniest person I have ever met (and I am not just saying this because he is my son), everyone that meets him says it, he is also the loudest in our family, partly due to some of the the punchlines of his hilarity but mostly because he plays guitar in a metal band!, The rockstar is also the sweetest son a mum could ever want, how many 22 year olds that you know still kiss their mum good night every single night or wake in the morning and just before leaving for work, bring her a cup of tea in bed. *smiles* He has come a long way in the past year has our boy.... kind of did a prodigal son thing, (that story at another time, as it is very intense) but we are so proud of the man he has become. And look at those baby blues, Any singles ladies out there this man is available! (he will kill me if he finds our I wrote this!)

This is my beautiful 'Franz' Iris teapot which arrived today, I have been waiting for weeks for it, I love it so much! I can't stop looking at it - now I just need a beautiful china cabinet to go around it LOL!! :)!

I love the whimsical look I am creating in certain nooks in my home. This one is on the top of my fridge - love the vintage metal ice-cream and drink signs and the Carnival ones too... My Krinkles Cake Plate is a big favorite too! It has a bit to go but I have a little plan for it! Without even realising it I seem to have started a "collection" of cake plates - oh well, the are kee-yute!

Doug and I love it when the kids are away and we can climb into bed, turn the lights down, put on a movie and enjoy a nice super. The best part of having the kids away is we can have an evening snooze then wake up and do this at 2am!! .... as we did the other day - Fun, Fun, Fun! (oh, and YUM!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting ready for my Etsy shop Opening...!

A few things that will go in my etsy shop soon!

Retro Funky Flowers Capri Set

French Poodle Peekaboo skirtset

Pink Lady Sundress with shabby heart

Comfortable cross over straps with elastic back for lovely fit

Shabby heart.

Long floral apron for fun and crafting, or just over jeans!

Vida Patchwork Jumper dress in gorgeous Heather Bailey fabrics! (excuse the blue T, it was all I could find at the time!

Back view

Close-up of Patchy Jumper dress

A few of boys sets,
Camo shorts with shabby patched T

Drill Spiderman shorts with shabby patched Spidey T

Soccer shorts with shabby patched Soccer T

And of course, the old favorite, Surfs Up! shorts and shabby patched T

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Please pray for Derrik..

Our daughter Danneeka's cat Derrik needs some prayer. I know that there are so many other much more important things to pray for, but this little fellow is the love of my daughter's life and yesterday he was bitten by a snake. We have taken him to the vet where he remains overnight again, but the best we can do for him to to have him on a drip to try and flush the poison out of his kidneys and eventually his bloodstream. We can have an anti-venom given to him at a cost of either $650.00 or $900.00, depending on e which snake bit him, and if we decide on the anti venom we have to pay $250.00 for the test to find that out which snake bit him. So our poor Derrik, we will just have to pray and ask God to keep him in his care because to pay that much for an injection (and there is still only a 50/50 chance it would save him!) is more than we can do.

He is the most beautiful cat with a lovely playful temperament and this is very hard for Deekie, and all of us so, your prayers would be greatly appreciated. I will say it again, I know there are lot more important things to pray for, but a little cat that is one of God's special creatures is important too - even Jesus said in Matthew ch 10 verse 29, "Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father's knowledge....." He knows about and cares for every creature - so he knows about and cares for Derrik -

Jen xo

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank you sweet Ali......

You may notice that my blog has received a new look - I love it so much and hope you do to! It was designed by the very talented and super-sweet Ali, have a look at her site - she's not only an amazing graphic designer, she also sells scrapbooking and craft supplies, gorgeous handmade soaps, the sweetest pendants, writing sets, books and other vintage pretties! Thank you Ali! I love my blog's new look and it was just a joy to work with you!!


I am not a good photographer, that is a fact, I stroll aound my favorite blogs and look on in awe at the wonderful photographs that everyone takes, but I know that photography is not something that I am good at. My hubby (the darling man!) tells me that I can do anything and it is just a case of practice makes perfect so I keep snapping away hoping that I will magically become a "photographer".... All I seem to be doing is filling up my computer with files of photos, ....and copies of photos ....and edited copies of photos ......and resized copies of edited photos... Hmmmm, you get the picture! Anyway, here are some that I have taken recently, with some of my favorite things

My beautiful Bohemian crystal cake plate - My darling bought me this a few weeks ago and it is my absolute favorite thing at the moment!.... inside it is his absolute favorite thing ever - Angel Food Cake with Lemon Sherbet Icing!

This is my little 'Tea Cabinet' - it used to be an old pine cabinet that I have had for about 20 years and it was so yellowy and ugly that I was going to throw it out - but after a coat of paint and some new glass knobs it is transformed to something I love!

One of our four legged babies - Gordy, our 5 year old Akita. He is the most beautiful dog and when I look into his eyes I can see his heart, - his big cuddly, playful, loving heart!

Have a great day!

Happy Tuesday!

Pretty busy at the moment trying to get some designs finished so just thought I would share a couple of photos of my gorgeous daughter the model!  The model married her childhood sweetheart, the other rock star back on the 12th April of this year - the day was wonderful and we were so proud of our gorgeous girl, who chose the most perfect boy!

All the wedding photos are on film so as soon as I get them transferred to disc I will share some more!

Hugs from Jen xo

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The worlds greatest Pincushion!

I am really loving this blogging. There are so many wonderful things on here and so many clever people - I came across this blog called Retro Mama by the incredibly talented Kim and I fell in love with her GIANT PINCUSHION!
It is so adorable and I want one so much - hmmmmm, just need to find the pattern.... and ALOT of fabric. Kim is really funny too.... I'm still laughing at "Stop licking the Television, Stop licking the Piano.....hahaha. Have a look at her blog and her adorable little fellas!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Real Deekie Belle.....

As some of you know hubby and I have four gorgeous children. When I started my little design company our middle daughter decided to "invest" in my little venture. My darling songstress or 'Deekie Belle' as she is known to us, offered me lots of help, inspiration and neckrubs, and she also bought me lots and lots of fabrics, buttons, trims etc! she moved away for work about four months ago and so I only get to see her on weekends. I just miss her so much! She had been the host of GWN Network "Saturday Club", along with Doopa Dog, for a while (till production had to be moved to Canberra). Anyway, I found some gorgeous shots of her and thought I would share them with you - I miss you baby girl!

the songstress with her buddy Doopa

and with gorgeous stylist Lisa Campbell

Hugs from Jen xo

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yummy Ginger Blossomy goodness!

What to make, what to make?.... I have been staring at this beeeyootiful Sandi Henderson Ginger Blossom fabric for weeks and can't bear to cut it up....

My little dal doll is standing watch over it ;)! Anyhoo, deep breath and here goes!
(ps - if you would like to check out the blog of the amazingly talented lady who designs this fabric click here!

Happy Father Day to the two men I love

I have been trying with great difficulty to get this post online before the end of Fathers Fay, but alas I am late!! ...So what else is new LOL! Anyone who knows me knows that I am always tragically late for everything and those who love me have just accepted that that is just part of what makes me who I am - we call it Lovably late!

Anyway, My darling Daddy - Happy Fathers Day to you. I could not visit you today due to transport issues... ie: there was none! (transport I mean), but I thought about you all day, had a long chat with you on the phone and told you how much I love you. My dad is the cutest man in the world. Mum calls him her "toyboy" coz he is 2 months younger than her (ps - Yeah, my mum rox!) Dad is 72 and is loving being retired... He has worked so hard his whole life for Mum and us four girls that he deserves the best life he can have - we hope he has it... They have done a few overseas trips, some pretty big ones, And they love Caravan/camping around Australia. He travels with mum in their caravan, which becomes more and more like a decked out Winebago every year!! Dad has just fitted the new recliners for the next Queensland Trip in a couple of months and put in new wall to wall carpet..... Honestly, if it had a few more feet in it you could live in it quite comfortably for the rest of your life....
But that is my dad, he is the handiest of handy men. Before he was retired he was a Carpenter - he loves working with wood and I remember he once said to me, it is special, because wood is a living, breathing thing.(and hey, Jesus was a carpenter!) I love my Dad so much and he is my spiritual hero. His love for Christ is so untouched by any of the liberal thinking of this world, it is the kind that the scripture talks about - it is the pure, sacred, and holy love of a Godly man for his Saviour and his Lord. And thanks for showing me that daddy, I've learned more about life, my relationship with Christ and how to deal with this world from watching you than from all the books I have ever read and all the school I have ever attended and the sermons I have ever heard.... You are the best Dad in the world and I love you so much... so much....!

When you pull your funny "smile" face it makes me laugh!

My darling Mr Deekie Belle, You are the love of my heart, my soulmate, my best friend. 24 years of marriage and still, STILL, I get butterflies when you walk into a room.... I never knew this kind of love would last this long - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are the best Dad that our children could ever hope for, you are loving, loyal, giving, hilariously funny, so smart, so clever.... the kids still get enraptured by your stories as much now as they did when they were little .... You are amazing, you are a giver and the hardest working man I have ever known, it astounds me how much you will work to look after us all - you are our hero babe, I love you babe! Happy Fathers Day

Dog Pile!! Puppy kisses for Dad!

As pretty as a picture...

As my babies are all grown I do not have anyone small enough to model for me at the drop of a hat.... I have been able to 'borrow' Nina, the adorable the little girl next door a few times and now I have 'borrowed' my other little neighbour Kalia for a few photos - Isn't she gorgeous!