Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New year!

Hello my lovelies!!
I hope you had a great Christmas and I want to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! My prayer for you is that 2010 will be filled with peace, joy, health and blessings. My love and best wishes to you all!

I also want to apologise as I did not fulfill my promise of a Jingle Sock Giveaway before Christmas - I got so snowed under with orders that I was still delivering Jingle Sox on Christmas Eve!!

I was completely overwhelmed with the amazing response to my Jingle Sox - I couldn't believe how many people ordered them, and, when they received them, ordered even more :)!! It was beyond my wildest expectations! I want to thank all my beautiful customers for your support and kindness, it has been such a wonderful experience for me that I can't wait to get started on Christmas 2010!..

I will be doing the Jingle Sock giveaway soon, I know it is a little late but I am sure that next Christmas will be here before we know it ;)!

.... Now, on to a few pictures, to brighten things up!

I got quite spoiltby my lovely family this Christmas and one of my favorite pressies were these lovely embroidery threads from darling hubby, have been having lots of fun with them!

I designed a set of Euro-style pillows , perfect for a little girls room! I will be putting these in my etsy shop in the next couple of days...

And as I am loving everything damask lately had such fun creating this sweet pillow. I have a few more colours in this design on the way and will have them in my etsy shop soon!

Made this pillow for a dear friend's birthday, I love the red and aqua together!

And as well as hundreds of Jingle Sox, I made these cute stockings for my mum and dad for Christmas...

Lots more to share soon but lastly just wanted to show you the adorable Robert Gordon cake stand that The model and the other rockstar got me for Christmas - isn't it lovely!

Will be back in the next couple of days, I have some great pictures of my favorite Quilting shop Homespun Workshop so will post them in the next couple of days. If you are looking for inspiration or just want to get lost in "fabric heaven" make sure you head down there, they have some gorgeous new fabrics in store, including Heather Bailey's new line of Nicey Jane, Soooo Yummmy! .... honestly, I could live there :)!

Take care of yourself and see you soon!
Big hugs for a wonderful New Year!
Jen xoxoxoxoxox

ps - don't forget to comment to be in the draw for your "better late than never" Jingle Sox ;)


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas at our place...

Here are a few pics I snapped of some of my favorite christmas ornament, and the tree, who doesn't love putting up the Christmas Tree!

I love Heartwood Creek figurines, here are a few of my Christmas ones


Frosty, a Red Cardinal snowman, and Winnie with Piglet

close-up of my Red Cardinal snowman, isn't he lovely

close up of Frosty

Nativity star

My very tall snowman - I love this guy!!

Here is my favorite of all my Christmas decorations, my Nativity scene. I can't wait to get this out every year! This tells the story of what Christmas is really all about, the birth of our Saviour!

Our tree...

I have two of these little sparkly snowman decorations, they are so cute!
The other day I made each of my family members a little embroidered name decorations, not sure if they are any good or not, they are a little large and seeing that there are so many of us, kind of take over a bit but I will leave them on for this year!

Each one has a name, a snowflake and little swarovski's sewn onto them.. just to make them sparkle!

And of course more Heartwood Creek, this is from a set of the three wise men...

and another wise man!

My sister Sue brought me this little fella back from Holland, I really love delft and of course, snowmen :)!

our little angel tree topper..

I also collect Henry's, I love them!

As I said yesterday, I need more lights up and some new garland to replace the water damaged stuff, but above all that, some more hours in a day would be great ;)!

Back tonight with some giveaway info!!
Jen xo

Where has the time gone??!!....

Aaaww, I am so sorry for my absence, I have been buried in my studio under a giant pile of Jingle Sox! Please forgive me for the major lack of communication, I feel like this past seven weeks have been one big blur! Don't get me wrong, I have just loved designing and making things for my wonderful customers (they really, truly are wonderful you know!!) but I am embarrassed to say that I have totally neglected everything else in my life (it's a good thing I have such an understanding husband!, love you babe!!...) well, except for my grandson, I didn't neglect him.... I can't go a day without seeing and snuggling him or I will just curl up and die :)!!!

Here is just a portion of what I have been doing for the past few weeks....

A gorgeous summer outfit for a gorgeous little girl in Sydney named Fliss!!

Aahh!! I didn't make these but boy would I love a pair of them :)
Yeahhh ~ JINGLE BOOTS !!

And I definately didn't make this perfect creation ....but one of my lovely customers in America did!
Great job Melissa!
This little lady is Molly, isn't she divine! Don't you just want to snuggle her?... I do!!
Welcome to the world Molly and have the most wonderful 1st Christmas ever!!

And here are another two perfect little angels playing with their Jingle Sox! Oooh, they are so adorable I just want to snuggle them too!

All these gorgeous babies are too far away from me in America, sometimes it sucks being at the bottom of the world

I remember when my kids were that young *sniff, sniff *

Alora and I took a day to decorate the tree, and put up the Christmas ornaments.. I need to get some pretty new garlands though because the shed leaked and one of my boxes of stuff got completely destroyed by water damage - hate when that happens! The worst part about it was that our Christmas stocking hangers were in the same box and as the bottom part with the hanging hook is made of metal they went rusty aaarrrggg! I was doing my 'narna at darling hubby yelling.. 'why would they make them out of metal, that's just stupid, why don't they just make them out of ceramic or whatever the rest of the thing is made out of!!!? " He calmly told me that it is because they need to be heavy to hold up the stockings. ....hrmmmph.. I 'm going back to my cave now :)

Will be back tomorrow with some pics of the decorations..

But I will leave you with one pic of my perfect little Grand-bug, he is into pulling these weird faces at the moment and the other day I captured one perfectly! He looks like he is looking at the guy in front of us thinking, "Who's that idiot?!

Hugs to you all!

PS - will be back with more details of my giveaway tomorrow also!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy (and adorable) customer!

Christina sent me a picture of Colin with his Jingle sock. I just had to share it with you all, he is completely adorable!

Don't forget the giveaway!! Will ~o a big post on it soon!
Jen xo

Monday, November 16, 2009

Customer photos...

I got this photo from the lovely Amy from Giggleberry Creations of the Jingle Sox Amy bought for her parents. They were a custom item, Amy chose the fabrics, and I think they turned out great! They had an early family Christmas so will be able to enjoy them for a few more weeks. I think they look lovely hanging on the end of their bed! Thanks so much for the photo Amy!

I just made this candy cane holder - although until I get some Candy canes it is a pen holder :)!

back soon!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cute tags and New Sox...

I am buried in my studio again.. The orders are rolling in for Jingle Sox, and I am having so much fun doing what I love! I made these super cute tags for a customer's Jingle Sox, I love the pink, I hope they do!

And a more traditional colour...

All the old favorites are still selling well.... they do look lovely on my sister's fire place don't they!...

But I am still loving me an Aussie Bush Christmas!!!

Gorgeous blues.... I love the reindeer.

And some modern red and black - sorry about the terrible second picture, the fabric has a real sheen to it and our Aussie sun just didn't want to co-operate!

Remember the giveaway - 2 Jingle Sox, personalised, your choice of fabric... leave a comment to enter ;)!
Big hugs!
Jen xo