Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jingle Sox Are Here !!

I am so pleased to finally have some pics of my new line of Christmas stockings - Jingle Sox! I have designed them as a decorative piece or they are completely usable as they are fully lined! They will be available in my etsy shop soon so please look out for them!

My Sister, Sue, who most of your know is an artist, has helped me out a bit with my Christmas stock by designing a gorgeous range of Antique shabby Christmas ornaments. They will be in my etsy shop in the next couple of days for you to purchase. Here is a taste of them. These ornaments are so beautifully made, You have to see them in person to catch the fine details and gorgeous finish on then all. The fine antique gold detailing is painted by hand, added to the beautiful vintage scrapping paper that has been artistically placed on and then a varnish sealed finished and with touches of organza and satin ribbon make them more than just an ornament, more like an heirloom. Add some class to your Christmas!

Please let me know what you think of our Christmas range, as I said, this is only part of it, but we are having so much fun making it and I will have them on etsy in the next few days!

Take care and have a great week.
Hugz Jen xoxo

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lets try again shall we...

Well hopefully I am back in the land of blogging for a bit, things have been crazy busy and that flu took me out again. I have been busy in the last few days finishing up some more Christmas stockings and will hopefully have the pics of them up soon but for now hope you enjoy these!! Much has happened -

the songstress got a new baby - aptly names "Baby"

I have a new toy that I am totally in love with - I have been wanting one since before the model's wedding but with all the other 'wedding expenses' buying a Kitchenaid to make the wedding cupcakes seemed a bit ridiculous. Anyway, I am absolutely wrapt with it! I got the Apple green as it goes with my kitchen and I love the retro feel of it!!!!
Had to make Mr Deekie Belle and the rockstar huge choccy cake

And as strawberries are in season, vanilla cuppycakes with buttercream frosting for the girls

... this one was for me hehe!


The glam girl had her school dinner dance - hmmmm isn't she gorgeous!

Last but not least, the best news in the world - I have held off sharing this as it is always better to wait to make sure that everything is fine but I am getting so excited that I really can't hold it in any more! In March I will become a Nana! Our darling model girl and the other rock star  are having a little boy and we are over the moon! Here is a picture of her with her little "bump" (and yes that is the rock star in the background waving goodbye to the whole restaurant - typical!)

Hope that you are all really well and happy and will hopefully be around alot more! Take care

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

..........It's here, it's here!!!!

Sorry for the long absence.... (rotten cold and flu season **grumble grumble**)

Some of you may remember that I recently blogged about Kim, the very talented seamstress and blogger behind Retro Mama. I was drooling over her Giant Pear Pillow and it's 'whimsical' qualities and guess what - Now I have one of my own!! Isn't it BEEE-U-DI-FULLL!

I know you don't normally keep a pillow in the middle of your coffee table but I had to give it pride of place - it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Kim also added, as a little gift to me, her new 'mini' pear which she is reproducing as a Christmas ornament - these can be found in her etsy shop! (here is mine hanging with a few of my other little softies)

Thank you Kim, I love them!! (I knew I would!)

Be back later with more Deekie Belle updates!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Christmas is coming, the stockings are getting made......

Well, I have made a start on my range of whisical Christmas Stockings - finally - they are alot of fun to make, a little bit crazy and a lot fun!!

Here's a couple I completed earlier (hehe) Please let me know what you think,

This pair go together..(couldn't help dressing them up with some stars - how uncool am I???!!!)

Hugs Jen

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

been away for a bit...

I have been a bad blogger lately, seem to be so busy that each time I sit down to blog it is time for bed, and anyone who knows me knows that I don't usually fall alseep till about 2.30am so that is really saying something. Anyway, I have a few new designs that I have been working on and am quite excited about them, but until then I will post some of my favorite things ...

My Iphone (which Rules BTW!!)
I am not a person that likes having a mobile phone, something that bothers the heck out of my husband and kids and I know is a real pain in the butt for my friends - well, Doug came back from the shops on Saturday with a new phone for me and proclaimed the following:

"I got you a phone, I don't like it when I am away and I can't get hold of you, you have to promise me that you will keep it charged and not leave it at home when you go out like you have with all the other ones that you have had..."

I grumbled, sighed and moaned until my adorable son-in-law, Ben, showed me what this phone could do.. and now..I AM IN LUUURVVVE. Here is my baby, 16 gigabytes of pure unadulterated joy.... and I can even shop on ebay with it!! (Since I told Doug that he has looked a little worried, I am sure he is thinking, "like she needs anywhere else to spend money!"....)

Anything this much fun should be illegal! *smirk*

Mr Deekie Belle also bought me some new flowers for the lounge room when I was ill, I think they look wonderful... (Man!, he is doing good in the gift department lately!!)

As some of you already know my sister Sue is an amazing artist - she is working on some ceramics at the moment and she has done some amazing pieces! She had one in the car that she had just fired when she came for coffee the other day so I snaffled it off her and took some pics of it - I love her work, it is so detailed and fresh. I am so tired of every shop I go into having the exact same boring stuff in it, and if they don't, I mean if you go to one of the higher end stores, you are paying $345.00 for a salad bowl or a salad plate, or even more for any other hand made ceramic item! So I am looking forward to the next lot of work Sue does as she has decided to sell to the public instead of just doing OOAK orders.... I have very cheekily asked her if I can put a few pieces on my blog or in my etsy shop and she said she would... WOO-HOO-SUE

I bought this crystal water decanter for my sister for her birthday, she didn't like it and told me to keep it, so I did, It now comes with me to my bedside table with ice cold water in it every night and it keeps it that way all day! I love this decanter so much!!

One last thing, The other night I was watching a late night Australian tv show on channel 7, and this guy came on. I knew that I knew him, but do you think I could figure our who he was?! - the show I was watching was filmed in about 1978-79.... It took me about 20 minutes (and again, those of you who know me know that is a long time for me coz I am good with actors/muso's faces)

I took this picture on the TV in our Bedroom - I was so surprised at how well it came out!!!... Have a guess!!!
Have a great day
Much Love and Hugs

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

...whiskers on kittens....

These are a few of my favorite things....

Sorry, I have been absent for a few days - had to rest my rotten case of "golfers PLUS tennis elbow". Tell you what, am really over this!... No computer, no sewing, no stirring or chopping (which leaves out cooking) ..no painting, what's a girl to do!!

Anyhow, here are some photos of my favorite things, I missed out posting last Wednesday (this was supposed the be a Wednesday thing :)!)

My gorgeous baby girl, the glamgirl  When hubby does night shift she always climbs into his spot next to me to watch a movie and snuggle. And there she stays till school the next morning! The glam girl became very independent when she turned 14 and that was really hard for me. She was always my biggest snuggle puss, always wanting cuddles and to sit with me holding my hand or tucked under my arm for a story - she loves books just like me and would bring a big pile onto the couch and say we have to read ALL of these!! It is hard when your baby grows up..... Thankfully the independent phase only lasted about a year and at 17 she is a cuddly as ever - and the most precious company a mumma could ever want. She is having a little holiday with the songstress in Bunbury for two weeks and maaaannnn, I miss her! She will be home in a few days though, yay! (the little stars are a bit cheesy but I couldn't resist, she looks like a little angel in our bed!!)

I found this picture of my little maltese cross, Bob, when he was 6 weeks old - what a cutie pie he was - he looked like a stuffed toy! He is nearly three now and loves nothing more than running around with Gordie and Bonnie rolling in everything that smells yuk - especially when he has just had a bath! Not a very regal existence for someone with the distinguished title of "Prince Froofie Bob of Perth".....

This is the last litter of kitties our sweet Twitch had (or will ever have thanks to her little operation:)!) Gordie was in love with them and spent most of his days with his nose pressed up against the drawer where she had them. And Twitch is great with Gords, she left her babies quite happily knowing they were being so well guarded! Gordie is so sweet with little animals, our cats all spent the first few months of their lives walking around as big soggy-wet balls of fluff having been thoroughly licked to pieces by their big (huge!) brother!

Since Derrik has recovered from his snake bite he has now taken to sleeping in bed with our son's little Staffy, Bonnie. Every night Derrik climbs in with Bonnie and bonnie obliges her snuggly advances, seems to be a trend in this house, snuggling in other peoples beds LOL!! Bonnie is a gorgeous dog, she is mad as a hatter and has obsessive compulsive disorder, which is quite common among staffies apparently - who knew!!?

Have some new designs in the works, (and no I am not sewing Doctor - the dress-making faries have been hard at work in my studio ;)! Anyway, hope they will be done soon.

Hope everyone is well and having a great week, will write more tomorrow!!
Hugz from Jen

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Deekie Belle featured on Aussie Boutique Kids!

I am so honoured to have been chosen by the lovely Kathryn as the first featured designer on Aussie Boutique Kids! I want to thank Kathryn for her fabulous site and her support of Aussie designers, not only is she a great blogger, a "Supporter of the Arts" and real sweetheart, she is also the talented designer behind "All You Need" Boutique.

You can catch my interview here or click on the Aussie Boutique Kids banner in my links!

Thanks Kathryn, you are a gem!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My adorable nieces....

I got to spend some time on Sunday with two of my favorite people in the whole world!!....these sweet little girls just steal your heart away....

Emily.... yeah, nice one daddy, all bathed and ready for bed and who gave her promite??!

Look at those baby blues....

Amy and her chocolate kisses...

and all ready for school....

Oooooh!, I just wanna cover them with kisses!!

Jen xo

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Open for business!

Well, I did it, I finally worked out how to list some items in my etsy shop. I am not saying it was easy, I listed three lots, then when I was done and all proud of myself I realised that I had some typos so when to edit them and "somehow" deleted them..... AAAhhhh! I nearly threw it in but strangely I got some inspiration to keep going from the words of Mandy Patinkin when watching a repeat of Criminal minds - "Try again, Fail again, Fail Better" (a Samuel Beckett quote)... so I kept going and tah-dah!, I did it! I can't believe I have been trying to get this online thing going for three years and finally I have done it. I have so many people ask me where they can buy from me online - now I can tell them! And I need to thank my adorable little neighbour Kalia, who is my little model. She is such a joy to work with and a real little trooper. And as you can see her smile just lights up a room!

Thanks for your patience and support and here are some of the things that are available in my store!

Cute retro daisies Apron

Strappy sundress available in three colorus

Petit Rose - from my Haute collection:

Have a great afternoon!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A sneak peek...

I am working on a few new designs for the opening- here is a sneak peek of one of the outfits... just a little one.....


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to his old self

Well, it has been a long week for him but Derrik is finally getting back to his old self. After two nights at the vet they took him off the drip last Saturday and sent him home to us. Although it was good to have him home it was really hard. We were so worried for him, he couldn't even hold his head up. The vet was not sure if he was going to be alright but said the fact that he had made it through three days was a really good sign. The drip worked to clear his kidneys of the venom and they were fine but he was still not out of the woods. Doug, Alora and I spent the week cuddling,snuggling and fussing over him (more than usual!), one of us would hold his head up while the other hand fed him - Doug held him over the litter tray for him to do his business, he slept on our bed with us (as he usually does!) and we made sure that one of us was with him nearly all the time. Well, our prayers (and yours!) were answered and he is nearly back to his old self. His strength has returned, he can go to the food by himself and even snuck out the laundry window tonight to go to the bathroom! - I was so worried when I realised he had gotten out but I found him sitting at the back door waiting to come back inside. Deekie will be coming home this weekend and can't wait to see him! Thank you all for your prayers and support - our lovely boy thanks you too!