Thursday, January 29, 2009

A couple of newies, all fresh for summer

I have some really cute little sun dresses that I have been selling and I have finally found some time to put them online, Lots more to come including some skirts -let me know what you think,

This little vintage inspired peasant dress was made with some of the yummy fabrics from the "Flights of Fancy" line by the amazing Paula Prass. I am thinking of making pants to go with it for online.... tell me what you think! I love Paula's fabrics so much, I only discovered them a little while ago and was devastated when I could not find it at any of our stores here in Perth... Seems to be the case with all the gorgeous designer fabrics I fall in love with so it's online shopping for me - thanks to etsy!! Probably should post some info on some of my lovely fabric suppliers. They are so kind and helpful and make life so easy for me!! Anyway, here she is......

Here is a strappy sundress that is made from the 'Pop Garden' fabric range by the lovely Heather Bailey I love this fabric too, it doesn't need alot of frouff, it speaks for itself and is elegant enough to carry off the super simplistic line of this dress. Also can not get it here in Perth, although Heather has a shop attached to her blog and also this fabric is available on etsy. If you want any info about either of the fabrics and the colours etc that they come in, or if you are in Perth and are looking for small pieces (ie: fat quarters!) I have plenty and am more than happy to share! :)

Sorry, I pinned the head scarf to it so you could see it - I was minus a little model today and wanted to get them up, at least on the blog LOL!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday morning photos...

Much has happened, so for now I will post a few pictures and soon I will share what has been going on.. Plus hopefully some new pics of my new designs - all finished and ready for sale!

Corners of my home....

Happy New Year to all!