Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm having a bloggy GIVEAWAY !!!!


I have made this adorable (am I allowed to say it's adorable??!!) Farbenmix Vida Jumper Dress in a size five and I want to give it away. The front of the dress is quilted with soft fleece and I fashioned the applique after Kellie Wulfsohn from Don't Look Now's Flower Garden Pillow applique, with a little of her new designs "Pretty'n'Pink!" thrown in.

I double stitched all of the applique, and the quilting and stitching are all encased in extra layers of fabric for a longlasting finish.

All seams of the dress are serged and topstitched for extra quality and to make this dress top of the line for you!! I will pay all shipping and packaging charges as well.

I love this dress it, it was a labour of love and I love Kellie's work, she is sensational, such a talented designer and such a lovely, sweet person.

So if you would like to go in the draw to win this jumper dress please leave a comment and tell me who you would like the dress for!! Thanks so much and Good Luck to All!!!!!

Flower Garden Vida Dress size 5

Back  of Flower Garden Vida Dress size 5

Vida Jumper Dress

Hope to get some better photos in the morning with natural sunlight - way better for the 'brights'!!

Hope you are all well, and taking care of yourselves. I will be posting the ending to my story soon too - just need to get myself together!!..
Lots of Love and Hugs
Jenny xo

Monday, April 27, 2009

A sneak peek for a giveaway!!!

I am having a blog giveaway and I wanted to give you a sneak peek!! I should have it finished in the next few days so please stay tuned!!

Couldn't leave without a few pics of my darling grandson. He has been suffering with colic so we tried the old remedy of putting him in a bucket of warm water.. he loved it, it seemed to calm him straight away. It was just a little tricky holding him up :)!..... Only problem is that now my darling hubby is calling his grandson 'bucket boy'... ahh my love, always with the nick-names!

He is growing so fast, I can't believe he is already a month old!

Isn't he an angel!!

Back soon with the giveaway!
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snapshots of my home

I have been playing with a new photoshop, some of these pics you have seen before but some are new, just a few corners of my home...

On the coffee table

A shelf vignette

My favorite mirror

My Wade Thumper,I have loved this piece since I was a child and recently mum gave it to me :))!!!

My vintage bottles

Have a great day
Jen xoxoxo

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A School Ball (Yayy!!!) and a finished pillow (yayy again!!....)

Isn't she beee-uu-dee-fullll! Our darling baby girl  had her Year 12 School Ball a couple of weeks ago, Firstly I asked her where she wanted to go so we could buy her dress for the ball, and did she have any idea of what she wanted, what style?.... My incredible, amazing girl told me that she didn't want a new one. She was just going to wear the ball gown that we bought her last year when she went as a partner to one of her old school friend's ball's. She had only worn it once and the place that she wore it, or rather the ball where she wore it, noone from her ball went to that so it would be fine. But maybe she would get some new shoes. (I love this girl so much :)!!!) Anyway, she had such a great time at the ball and I was so proud of herthat whole night. She had organised to go to an after ball party put on by one of her friends, we said that it was okay but we were putting our trust in her to behave responsibly. About 10 minutes after Hubby dropped her off at the party she called him and asked him to pick her up because she was not comfortable. When she got in the car she told us that everyone was drinking or drunk and there were a few older guys that had turned up and she just felt that there was going to be some trouble so she wanted to get away from it. I was sad for her that some of her school friends had chosen to ruin what could have been a great night but I was so proud of her!!!
Considering how much she wanted to go to the after ball party I was so thrilled that her common sense prevailed and that she made such a mature decision, even if it meant missing out on the fun... I love you baby....

I finished my Flower Garden Pillow!! I am so happy with that I am gonna start another "Don't Look Now" design now!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Where did the week go?!!

Our son the rock star amazes me sometimes. He came over with the model and the bug for a visit the other day and I snapped this gorgeous shot of him snuggling with muffin face. 
 When it was time for them to leave I watched as my big, tough, hard rockin' boy quietly, and without being asked, stood up, packed up Bug's things into the nappy bag, threw it over his back, picked up his nephew, gently put him in the car seat and tucked him in with his blanket, he looked like he had been doing it his whole life and my heart just melted - one day, when he finds the right girl, he is gonna make such a good dad!

the rocksar and Khye....

The bug and his Mama, our girl

My little muffin face..

the songstress had her 19th birthday last week so we had a nice family dinner, Happy birthday my darling!!

I have been working hard on orders in the last couple of weeks so decided to do a bit of 'fun' sewing! I absolutely love the gorgeous patterns made by the very talented Kellie of "Don't Look Now" I have just ordered her latest pattern but thought before it arrived that I would get a little practice in with one of her free pillow patterns. It's not finished yet but I had to post some shots of it - can't wait to do some more! I am just learning applique and quilting and this was my first go at stipling (Woo-Hoo!) Hopefully I will get it finished tonight and will put up some pics when it is done.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

50 Years of Love and Commitment

Today my beautiful Mum and Daddy celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated with a party last weekend and it was wonderful.

My parents have had one heck of a life - they were both born in India, Dad's family moved to Egypt for a while and then on to England when he was a young lad. As some of my regular readers will know my Grandpa was a Beefeater in the Tower of London so dad lived and grew up as one of the Tower Boys. These were kids who spent their nights sneaking out of their bedroom windows and creeping around all the nooks and crannies of the Castle terrorizing the guards and spooking them out. There is lots of legends of the Tower of London being haunted and inhabited by ghosties, but the real truth of it is that it was my Uncle Pete, Uncle Tom and my Dad and their mad mates (as I said before, I will put some of the stories up when I work out all the when, where, and who's!) It makes me laugh though, poor Uncle Tom seemed to always get into trouble for it all - he tells me as the youngest his (often) empty bed was in direct line of sight down the passage of their home and the first one Grandpa saw when he looked, so it was always "THOOMMAAASSSS!!!!" They were very inventive and daring young men and never missed an opportunity to scare some poor soul witless!! Shame!!

Mum moved back to England with her family when she was 12. She went to the same school as dad and when they were older they began dating and eventually got married. When I was three Mum and Dad decided to migrate from England to Canada - so off we went to Toronto, Ontario for 6 years. Then they decided it was too cold and got ready to migrate again, this time to Sunny Downunder - Australia!

We took a ship across the ocean and visited Hawaii and New Zealand on the way, it was wonderful, such a magical time!! Anyway, here we still are, loving where we live and the life that the Lord has blessed us with. You see, mum and dad weren't Christians when we moved out here, and we met Jesus about 6 months after arriving here so Mum always says that God brought us half way around the world to bring us to Him! I have to agree!

Anyway, their life and marriage has always been an inspiration to all of us - there are four of us girls, plus mum and just dad on his own so I am sure at times he would have felt like tearing his hair out, but he didn't and he was very protective overm his girls...

So Thank you my darlings for giving me the best life I could ever have asked for - for showing me unconditional love, and patience and for always being there when I need you and even when I didn't. Thank you for being so much fun, and being the kind of parents we can always laugh with!! Thanks for teaching us how to put Christ first in our hearts and lives and to live the life He wants for us.
I love you Daddy and Mummy, you are my world!

Here are a few pics from the party!

ps - (will label pics soon)

extra note - bought this book - love it!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

In Our Frontyard....

Ahhh, it's fun living in Australia, especially when you live across the road from a Natural Bush reserve! Our daughter came running in the other day to tell me she had run something over with her car when she was pulling into the driveway of our home. We both went outside to check what it was and discovered it was a tiger snake!

Hubby was at work so we ran next door for some help - Our neighbour Mick walked straight up to it and grabbed it by the back of the neck! Mick is a lovely guy who is a real Aussie character! Kind of a cross between Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee - only with heaps of tattoos! Anyway, he saved us from the snake - (which by the way was dead by then!) and we put it in the letterbox to play a little joke on Doug..... :)

Our neighbour, the very brave Mick!

Back soon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Please pray for Abbey

Beautiful little Abbey Colbert was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in October of '08, and she really needs your prayers. This little sweetheart has been having such a hard time of it and at the moment is very, very sick. Abbey is back in hospital again with a very high fever and they are worried that it is a bacterial infection, which is very dangerous for her. The Colbert's really need your prayers, please ask the Lord to bring her healing and comfort and that her family will feel His peace and blessings on them at this very difficult time.

You can read about Abbey and her beautiful family on her blog by clicking on the button above.

Thanks so much!


They have discovered that Abbey has a a blood clot in her brain, which will have to be treated by 2 daily injections until it is gone. The illness from the fever seems to be subsiding but they still don't know the cause or if it is from an infection.. Although they do now realise that if she had not had this fever they would not have discovered the blood clot (which seems to have been caused by some of the early injections from her chemo). So come on all you prayer warriors, they are still waiting for the blood culture (re: the fever), so we they need a negative on that, and they definately need the clot to go away quickly! - this little girl has way to much to deal with without being jabbed with needles every day! She will still be having her regular leukemia treatment too so prayers for that also - This beautiful girl needs lots of healing!
Thanks so much xx

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nothing you can do can tear me away from my Bug....(..."my Bug.. badam bam...")

Nothing you can do cause I'm stuck like glue to My Bug!!

Sorry for the lack of sewing or home making posts but my darling little man is stealing all my attention! I just can't do anything when he is around except kiss that smooshie little face! It is my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary party tomorrow so we have been planning... and organising... and cooking.. and we are all very excited to share in the celebration of our parents love. Wow, 50 years that huge!!!.... (twice as many as Mr Deekie Belle and I who hit our 25th in

You can see why I can't get anything done!!!! Too much time spent loving on my muffin face!...

Anyway, I will be back soon with many more posts including pics of the 50th and some new dresses and outfits for my 2 online shops.! I have a few more order to finish this weekend, including a few of these, two will be off to England and one (in pink)will be going to the US in a size 3, I love making these skirts, they are so fun and so colourful!

So as I said, will be back soon!
Take care and God bless you soooo much!
Jen xo