Friday, May 21, 2010

Finished Redwork Pillow .

Another quick post...
I finished the little redwork pillow this afternoon. I used Patty Young Andalucia range 'Moorish Tiles' in fire for the sashing and binding.
I am pretty happy with how it turned out, and am working on another one, with a different design from the same Amberworld range.

Put this little bird on the back - thought it was cute ;)!

Back soon! Hugs, Jen xo


Patty's Stitches said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your redwork pillow. Did you do it by hand or machine? I found some redwork to do with the embroidery machine. I did 2 cute kitchen towels last night. It was so quick and easy, but I must say I love the hand work too. You inquired how the crochet trim was attactched to the pillowcases. There's a great tutorial (in four parts) on It explains how to make the pillowcase (with a flap to hide the end of your pillow) and then do a blanket stitch around the edge of the pillowcase. Then you start crocheting in each of the blanket stitches. So much fun! Some of the pillowcases I took to a friend that has a commercial hemstitching machine (it sort of punches tiny holes along the edge) and then I just started with a row of single crochet by going in each of the tiny holes. Both ways are pretty, just somewhat different. I adore the photos of pillowcases on Rosehip! I could get lost in blogland and I'm looking forward to checking out all the goodies on your blog too!

Rosebud and Bluebells said...

Hi Jenny,
what a wonderful job you have done on this cushion. You are very talented. Thanks again for your lovely comment on my blog. I have passed on award to you, Hope that's ok. Enjoy your weekend.
donna xx