Sunday, June 28, 2009

I forgot the Mum's giveaway!

I forgot to post a pic of the giveaway for the mums, which will be drawn - A set of half yards of Amy Butler fabric! Don't forget to comment if you would like to win!


Blog award from a sweet friend.. and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

I have received a blog award from Mary Jane of Sweet Emmelie Thank you gorgeous girl!

I in turn would like to nominate 7 wonderful blogs for this award!

Elaine from Tinker Verve.
Kellie fom Don't Look Now!,
Autum from Creative Little Daisy.
Niki from Keeping Up With The Joneses
Vicki from French Essence
Jen from Approximately None

As I was writing a personal note on why I had nominated each of these girls I found that I was repeating myself over and over - so I will say it just once.

Each one of these ladies inspires and teaches me each day. Their incredible talents makes me aspire to do more, and make me believe that I can! Their love of family makes me truly want to be a better Mama and Nana. They are each a blessing in my life and I am so glad that I have been fortunate enough to be invited into theirs.
I send love and hugs to you all!

Jen xo

PS - Don't forget my giveaway, leave a comment and you can win one of these!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My poor neglected blog, and finally the giveaway

I feel like I am always apologising for being away! I can't believe nearly a week has flown by without a post..

Angel started back at work part time so I have been busy with this little bundle of heaven, just look at that smile, and those eyes, and those chubby cheeks oooooohhhhh!

Also, I received my super sweet giveaway from the lovely TinkerVerve, Thank you so much Elaine, I love the book!... and of course I loooove the charm :)!!!

Got some new fabric from Joel Dewberry - yum!! Have made a quilt top with the stuff on the left, so only the right to do!!
Will post my quilt tops soon!!!

and finally ,as promised, a new giveaway!!


I would like to make one of these gorgeous pastel appliqued cushions for the winner, with the letter of your choice in the middle!! These cushions are of course made using applique pattern's by the uuber-talented, and super nice Kellie from Don't Look Now!

I just love Kellie's work, it inspires me so much - And get this bloggers, she is such a nice lady, as busy as she is, making her amazing quilts which are featured in all the best magazines, she still takes the time to email you when you leave her a comment or ask her a question! And trust me, she gets heaps and heaps of comments and questions on every post... I have been blogging for a while and she is easily the the loveliest designer on here.

ANYWAY BACK TO THE GIVEAWAY!. Leave a comment on this post, or the next post or the one after that.... basically all comments till the end of the draw will go in the draw and the first name name picked will win - we will use the old style of pulling a name out of a hat I think!:)

Here's the kicker - there will be a second prize in this draw and this giveaway, and it is something for the mums, something for the mums who can sew - can you guess what is it??!! I will post a pic of it tomorrow!
Big Hugz

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From my front yard....

My darling arrived home from work the other morning just as the sun was rising through the trees after a rainstorm. He quickly snapped these on his phone from the front garden... There are few things as gorgeous as the tranquil beauty of the Aussie bush. I hope you like them...

I have done 20 of my blocks for my first quilt - 16 to go! The pattern is Mod Scallops by Mary Bird using Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric. I can't wait to get it finished!

I will be posting another giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned and have a great night!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I love my husband more than my new sunglasses.....

I went shopping with Songstress on Saturday and came home with these. On the way home in the car I began feeling quite guilty and started to worry a little about what Mr Deekie Belle would say about my extremely extravagant purchase....

He smiled and said they look gorgeous. I just love him so much!!!

Jen xo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Been busy - stay tuned for another giveaway!!

Just a very quick post, the rain has come again and I have been a busy little bee, made a tote with my favorite Heather Bailey fabric. Will be offering this one for sale in my Etsy shop,

Then I made my girls an appliqued cushion each, both in pastel tones

I will be posting a new giveaway this week so stay tuned.... perhaps a pillow like I made for the girls :)....

Off to the songstress's place now but will be back soon with the details!
Jenny xoxox

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not getting much done....

Well, cold and flu season is certainly here and I have had a lovely dose. 

 Still feeling yuk so have not got anything done in the last few days but last week I made a knitting bag for mum using her old knitting bag handles. I loved the bag that used to belong with these, it was a pale pink linen, so gorgeous and so vintage! It fell apart a few years ago and mum saved the handles, I snaffled them from her walk in robe when she was away in England and finally decided on this Heather Bailey fabric - I love Heather's fabrics and am particularly fond of this print. Mum loves her new bag so it was definately a good choice.

I also made these potholders for my best friend Cherie. I love the damask fabric I used on the larger holders, it is part of the Manzanita Collection from Joel Dewberry. This is the first lot of Joel's fabric I have ever bought and have to say it is wonderful to work with. He has a gorgeous new range out and I am loving the persimmon palette, it's so pretty! I will definately be buying more of his fabric ! Still need to finish a table runner and some cushions for Cherie so must get to work!

Lastly, I snapped this last night, it is my darling hubby, Mr Deekie Belle, with our beautiful grandbaby. I can't believe the bug is 3 months old, time really does fly!

Jenny xxoo