Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What if Mr Bean was in Avatar ?!

Sorry about the lack of posts, I am very busy organising my daughter's wedding which is in 3 and a half weeks.
As Deekie and Jon have changed their minds on the 'big, flashy wedding with all the trimmings' in favour of buying a home in Perth, [they have their country home up for sale], they have decided to downsize to a more informal wedding in the park followed by a "Marquee in the backyard" for the reception.
Because of this, I will be doing the catering so this has added to my role and I have been unable to spend time working on my design and on my blog. Please trust me when I say that I will be back after the 6th of March with lots of photos, new things to show, and FINALLY that long awaited Jingle Sock draw!

My etsy shop is also on Holiday till then :)

Till then my lovelies I will leave you with this picture I received from my sister Sue today....
It shows what it would be like if Mr James Cameron had thought to add the lovable 'Mr Bean' to the cast of his new blockbuster movie, Avatar.


Aint he cute :)!

Hugs to you all and I'll miss you!

Jen xoxoxo