Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday night lights....

It's only three weeks till our daughter and son-in-law have grandbaby number 2 and we are getting so excited!
I got this vinyl wall art chandelier for our sweet little 'Hunny' from Etsy, and I think it is perfect !!

close-up! .....oooh, I want a pink bedroom!


As promised a photo of the Jingle Sox I was working on in my last post, all finished and ready to send off to sweet Hanna!

Hanna bought a Jingle Sock for her Mother-in-law last year and I was so thrilled when she came back and ordered four more, for hubby, herself and her gorgeous little ones.

Can you see the extra name tag, that's for her Mum-in-law :o)!

I hope you and your sweet family enjoy them for a lifetime lovely girl!


Today I have been working very hard organising photos of the fabrics I have available for custom orders.

I have been uploading them to my flickr so that people can easily see what choices are available..

So as well as everything and anything you see on my blog there are loads more fabrics to choose from!

There is funky,

and pretty


and vintage


and quirky!

and somewhat exotic!

and loads more here !!!

(Oh my, and so many more to upload... oooh, I am such a fabric-a-holic :) !)


I just want to take a moment now to thank everyone for their kind and supportive messages and comments lately.

It has meant more than you know. I am working so hard to make my little company a success and although I get alot of love and support at home, all of the encouragement and kindness I have received in the blogging community has been a huge blessing to me.

I so enjoy you lovely ladies, and I get such a full heart when I read all the ways that God is working and blessing the lives of each of you.

I love hopping online and reading about your families, pouring over your recipes and sewing tips, seeing what you are all doing in (and to!) your homes and sharing your joys and sorrows.

And to all the wonderful ladies who share God's word on here, I love you! You bless my heart every day, I hope you know it!


Now.... It's back to work for me as I have some new orders, :o)!

but before I go, a photo of ♥ Khye ♥ that I took last night.....

This little guy turns me to mush ...

Big hugs to you all and have a wonderful weekend!

Jen xo


PS! My best friend of 33 years had her birthday last week and I should have said this then,


Every year of our friendship has been a treasure to me, you are a treasured gift from the Lord!

You are the wisest woman I have ever met. And your generosity and heart for God astounds me more and more each day. I dare not stand next to you when we are before the Lord, as my meagre little crown will look sad and empty compared to the shining, glorious splendour that the Lord has ready for you.. You, my darling, truly are a women who can be called 'Blessed'

(....even when there is no clean socks !) I love you girl xo!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick post!

Just a quick post.
Sorry my blog is looking so bleak still, I am working on getting it organised :o)!

I have been sewing my little patootie off so have finished all my orders - yay!
Tonight I will start on Vicki's Sox and then I will be designing some new ones for this Christmas. I have some gorgeous new fabrics to play with so will post pics as I go.

Hope you are all having a great week.. will have more photos very soon!

Here's what was on my cutting table yesterday morning, all finished and ready for some photos ;)!

... what do you think of these fabrics and colours - I love them! Can't wait to cut and stitch 'em!


Jen xoxo

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Please excuse the mess!

Please excuse the mess,
I am having a bit of a change around...
Hope you are all having a great weekend!
Jen xo

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick post before the weekend..

Have been a bit unwell for the past few days.
Flu season is here and we have all had a nice dose.
I ended up with a weird stiff neck and back, but no runny nose like the rest of the family.
Ahh well, heat packs and pain medicine have helped :o)
I am still working on Jingle Sox orders and a few embroideries.
I love watching my machine embroider, it's like colouring in for big girls!!

This gorgeous fabric for Jingle Sox for Vicki arrived today, took a quick snap of it with one of my favorite craft books - lovely!

And before I go I have to show you this.

Our Alora has been fending for herself for a few days since hubby and I have been sick. I went to the fridge tonight to get myself a drink and found she had bought herself some "lunch" for work tomorrow ...

I slipped it out of it's packaging and took this photo.

What do you think.

A nice healthy lunch for an 18 year old.. hmmmm ? !

Hope you are all well!

Big hugs

Jen xo

Monday, June 14, 2010

A baby shower and a winner!

Had a lovely weekend, spent time working, enjoying time with the family and fellowshipping with friends.. also on Sunday afternoon we had a baby shower for Angel..
4 weeks till she is due with her little girl...
She is just glowing....

This gorgeous little girl is the daughter of one of Angel's girlfriends... she is named 'Angel Rose', she is the happiest little baby, and look at those eyes - gaahhh, divine!! On Friday I drew the winner of the little Amber redwork embroidery, sorry for the delay in posting the winner ;)

Congratulations to lovely Hanna from Hanna's Motherhood Journal, it's all yours!

Have a great week! Hugs, Jen xo

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting ready for Hunny...

Angel and Ben's little girl will be here in a few weeks so we are all getting very excited.
Angel has been in "nesting" mode so Mr Deekie Belle and I have been helping them get the nursery ready.
This time around, with only one income they have decided to re-purpose and not to purchase new things.
Doug painted the room with Angel while I sewed up a storm (between Jingle Sox orders!!)
Khye-bug is still in his cot so we put together and bought them a cot for Hunny, nice and new but everything else was from goodwill stores or secondhand from friends....
a little paint and a bit of Angel's flair and here we have it!
I had this old shabby chic footstool, took off the cover and was left with this...

Made a nice new, pretty cover - I hope Hunny loves it!

Khye loves it LoL!! ;)

They were given this old change table, it was all chipped and stuff so Angel and Ben sanded it back and painted it, added some flourishes, and I made a lovely ruffled skirt to it - I think it looks beautiful!
It still needs a new change mat, that might help a bit ;)!

Some lace curtaining to cover the ugly blue vertical blinds. A few little nic nacs, and of course I bought a Mirror for her room. (you know me, I love mirrors!)

I think it is coming along nicely....

Back soon!

Hugs, jen xo

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

busy weekend..

Mr Deekie Belle and I took the dogs on a lovely 2km bushwalk on Sunday afternoon.
Alora was sick in bed all weekend with a terrible sinus infection poor darling, I spent most of the weekend looking after her and the rest sewing madly so it was nice to have a couple of hours to just enjoy the afternoon with my darling...

As anyone who reads my blog regularly knows, I am a terrible photographer, so I got in a bit of practice, I love the Aussie bush, it can be so dramatic and haunting... I would love to be able to capture it's beauty the way others do...

As we strolled towards home the sky changed colour and I got this nice shot...

Not sure if I mentioned it before but I had a little trouble with two parcels going missing a couple of months back - Australia post still hasn't been able to track them down but I have remade them and they will be off to my gorgeous, very patient clients this week.

One of this things that I find difficult living in Australia is not being able to get my hands on every fabric and ribbon I need at the drop of a hat! My Christmas fabrics and ribbons were very much depleted after my busy 2009 season so had been waiting on some to arrive from the States to finish these orders off...

It's funny really, waiting on fabrics from the US, to make Jingle sox here in Oz, to send back to the US :o)!

Here's my weekend fun!

Two custom orders here, one funky Christmas styles and one sweet pastels

Riley Blake pastels, and glittery organza..

I girly love bows!

sparkly organza... so pretty!

Gorgeous 'funky gift' fabric, have lots of this in stock now!

Love this fabric line up, still waiting on ribbon for bows on the girl's ones - should be here this week - yay! My hubby's fav is the one on the right, I am quite low and that fabric and it is discontinued so if you want it in your Jingle Sox please be quick ;)!
More of this fabric on it's way too! Cute pink snowmen too - yum! I love these colors!

I will draw the Redwork wall hang on Friday so please don't forget to leave a comment to be in the draw, sorry for the delay, been a busy little bee! Back soon with more!

Hugs, Jen xo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Faux fur...

My fabric has finally started to come in so have been been buried in my studio working hard on Jingle sock orders.
Lots of cutting out and stitching and lots of lovely soft fur...
Not sure if any of you work with fur (not real fur - faux fur!!) but I am having alot of trouble finding a good source of it here in Perth. I had a big stock of it but with all my orders I ran out at christmas. It took me ages to find some nice quality fur and when I did I nearly fainted at the price! $50 a metre - whew!
This is the last of that beautiful piece and the shop that I got it from has sold out. I have been everywhere and cannot find any of this quality... I think I will have to source some out online!.
Just enough to fill my orders!

Lots of real fur in my home though, here's just a few of our fur-babies!

Waiting for a treat!

... such a gentle boy ;)

Snuggling as always..And these two are a worry, Mr Deekie Belle and sweet Alora showing me how gangsta they are.... not!!

Last but by no means least, Khye is fascinated with my glasses, he always pulls them off and tries to put them on his face...

I snapped this of him the other day, doesn't he look like the little boy from Jerry Macguire!!.....

"....the human head weighs eight pounds"


Off to draw the giveaway!! Back soon with the winner!

Big hugs, Jen xo