Saturday, October 31, 2009

Look what I made!

Tonight I made some lace with my wonderful, gorgeous, fabulous Bernina, that I love love, love!! What a machine she is! I know alot of you have embroidery machines but I have only had mine for a little bit and am still learning all the little tricks! Today I learnt to make a lace heart! Although I wish I had taken more photos of the process, I might do another and take them from beginning to end!

Anyway all I needed was this - embroidery thread and soluble vilene, which I set in the hoop - 2 pieces of it, double thickness!

Still going!

All finished!

Then you run it under water so that the soluble vilene disolves, - which it does... wow! Then dry it off (lie it flat on a towel and pat dry or gently dry with a hairdryer) and
Voila!! you get a gorgeous lace heart!

Just wanted to show you some of the lovely colours Michael Miller has out in their fairy frost range - and there are heaps more, gorgeous lilacs and purples, yellow, lemons, pinks in every shade ..pretty much every colour of the rainbow! Hmmm, what will I make with these!?

and here is another Jingle Sock, in Crystal shimmery pinks and whites - I have more to come and lots of new things to share, but rght now it's off to bed for me!

And above are these quilted sox I made that look a bit more 'country' style. I made a similar pair for Amy at Giggleberry Creations for a gift she needed and she was thrilled to bits with them! They were a similar style but in Dark reds/greens, the Primitive Country look. Anyway, what do you think? I would love some feedback!

Also! I will be ANNOUNCING A GIVEAWAY on the weekend and all comments from here onward will be in the draw - GUESS WHAT I'M GIVING AWAY!!!! Hint?? ...your choice of..)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something exciting his way comes........

I am SOOOO excited, Jingle sox will be featuring in my favorite Quilting shop here in Perth, Homespun Workshop will be stocking some of my Jingle Sox - Woo-Hoo!! So if you are near Willagee, head down and check out their beautiful fabrics and quilts and maybe join up for a class or two!, these ladies are the bomb!!! So friendly, and so helpful, it is like walking back in time, the way the greet you and the service they give - they really care about you and what you are looking for, and they love fabric too so if you are a fabric-a-holic (like me!) you will be in good company!!

You can even sign up for the Block of the Month with Mary Bird, her beautiful quilt patterns are available for sale there also! Many of you have been asking me about my Mod Scallops Quilt blocks (yes...! Iknow..., I have to get it sewned to gether and finished, or actually both of them finished now that I have made one for my Mumma too hehe!!!!) Here it is, yet to have the sashing, edging and blnding finished - and quilting done of course, I can't wait to finish this one, I am going to stipple it myself!!

Anyhoo, I will take some photos of the shop, the fabrics (swoon!!), and the workshop area when I take in the Jingle Sox in the next couple of days - and you can all drool over the fabric, and the gorgeous shop!!

Will have a few new designs finished this weekend so will have some new pics of them soon also!! But until then, enjoy a few bright colours, the Disney Princess ones are too cute!!.. I just wish I was 7 again!! hehe!

Take care and have a great day!
God Bless you all BIG! (Coz you know, if you ask Him, He will!!!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Aussie bush Christmas.....

These Jingle Sox will be listed in my etsy shop this week...

And these Ltd Edition sweeties will also be available on special order!

Jen xo

Saturday, October 10, 2009

12 Weeks of Christmas..

I absolutely love, love, love Christmas and while visiting Diana's gorgeous blog today I have found Keelie's wonderful 12 Weeks of Christmas fun and giveaways!!.

Each Sunday for the next 12 weeks there will be a different Christmas related topic for us to blog about. When we have created our posts for the week we link it up to Keelie's blog so that we can get in the spirit together. On behalf of Keelie I would like to invite you all to be part of the fun and the giveaways, remember to invite your friends too - the more the merrier!!

Twelve Weeks of Christmas

Now, on to the first TWOC topic, My Christmas List...

This year I am looking for simple and sweet from my loved ones..

1. Anything pretty, whimsical and fun to sit on the lovely new shelf that Mr Deekie Belle has put up for me in my studio - vintage toys, Alphabet letters, cards and ornaments are my favorite and will make wonderful addition to Deekie Belle Designs decor!!
2. Of course books make the list, anything from Koorong Christian Bookshop or alternatively a gift voucher for Dymocks would be lovely!
3. A New Pie dish, I have one but it is vey big and sometimes you just want to make a normal size pie :)! And just a hint, I love my mum's new pie dish with the holes in the base - fabulous pie dish!!
3. Tea cup and Saucer: vintage, flowers, fruit - you get the picture :)
4. Handmade goodies, hey, bake me a cake or a batch of cookies or fudge and I will love you forever!!!!
5. and there is always, Fabric, and.. fabric, ...oh and how about some Fabric....... It is MY list after all :)!! (Gift vouchers for Homespun Quilting store will also be kissed and hugged and even placed under my pillow with love :)!!!!)

I am sure this list will be made longer as the weeks go by so stay tuned!!
Hugs to you all!
Jen xo

Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank you beautiful sister...

Sometimes life gets a bit hard and we get sad... yep, sad is the right word. I am so blessed that at times like these I have people around me like my beautiful sister Sue who will bring me gorgeous Irises.. and Lime Brulee.... and a listening, caring ear... and a solution to what is saddening me. Thank you Sue - I love you to the moon and back!

from my beautiful sister..

Aren't they lovely!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Santa's workshop...

Hello my lovelies!, hope you are all keeping well, and happy. I been busy and as promised here are a few little pics of some of my new Jingle Sox. I have been having so much fun I feel like I have been living in Santa's workshop!!!

Polka dots and snowflakes

Sparkles and pinks and fur...

Figgy Pudding Joy...

Gorgeous vintage...

Supercute snowmen...

Jingle Bells

Peppermint Cottage...

I could only fit a few on my curtain rod in my studio.... I need my sister's beautiful fireplace!!
A quick shot - some of what I have been working on this week...

And of course, spent lots of time lovin' on our little grandbug - 6 and a half months old already... Mr Deekie Belle and I just can't get enough of him!!


Anyhoo, More stockings to come, and better pictures too! But stay tuned my lovelies - I will be announcing a Jingle Sox giveaway in the next few days! What are your favs? Please let me know!
Take care and God Bless you BIG!

Love Jen xoxo