Thursday, October 28, 2010

Such a bad blogger !

Again I ask for your forgiveness for my lack of posting :o)!
It's been a busy few weeks of orders !
Sometimes I feel like the days are slipping by so fast that I don't have time to scratch...

but never too busy for my little grand-bug,
...what do you think of his new haircut!
Mr Deekie Belle and I call it his 'crewcut'

He makes me so happy this little fella,
I just see his face and my heart leaps with joy!

He was fascinated with the Lightscoop on my camera!


Here is a set of Jingle Sox on their way to the England!!

Off to my Mum's Best friend,

the gorgeous Anne, and her grandchildren!

oooh, I hope they love them!!

I thought since I was showing you Anne's sox I would share a few of my favorite photos in the world....

Mum and Dad's wedding

Anne and Mum have been friends for over 50 years!

Anne was my Mum's bridesmaid..
here she is with three of my cousin's who were the flower girls..

And here is the bridal party,

Mum and Dad, with Dad's best man Ron, Grandpa (Mum's dad) and Anne, with girls again.

Mum and Dad were married in the in The Royal Chapel of St Peter Ad Vincula
in Tower of London..

What a beautiful setting for a wedding!

My beautiful Mum!

With all the wedding guests...

And this is one of my favorite photo's, Dad and Mum cutting their cake..

I love mum's dress, it is so beautiful!! .. and she made it herself!

Okay, I am off to work some more,

I will be back soon with a fabric giveaway, so please stay tuned !!



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Makes me Happy Mondays...

Mr Deekie Belle is on holidays,
and got himself a new toy...

I love to see him relax and enjoying himself,
he works so very hard....

Having him home for three weeks makes me the happiest little vegemite!!

....but he does need to move his toys off my work,
when he figures out how to fly straight it that is ;)!

New fabrics, as always, make me happy

Gorgeous Kate Spain, 12 days of Christmas..

I love this icicle colourways...

Sweet Studio E..

and lovely Henry Glass..

I really love this Kate Spain fabric, it looks so cute made up...

Hope you are all well, happy and healthy...

I apologise for my lack of posts, I just need to get on top of my orders !!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Okay... not sure what's goin' on with blogger...

Well, hello my lovelies!

Hope you are all well!
I am a bit under the weather, but that is probably my own fault..
Working harder than I have in years,
and sleep.. well, don't think I have had this little since my kids were bubs.
(all in the name of Jingle Sox by the way ;)!)
Please excuse my blogging lately,
I have not been able to get a post up all week!

I have lost a couple of posts too, so will have to repost my sister Deb's amazing Italian get away photo's,

I spent 2 hours trying to post on my 'Makes me Happy Monday's' post, and gave up in absolute frustration,
has anyone else had trouble, I kept getting "error" messages...
Oh well, seems all sorted now

Sewed this cute appliqued Jingle Sox, with lovely little appliques from ebay,
I have never used 'iron only' heat and bond before but I am most impressed with it!

Not sure about this though, think it needs fur, yes?

what do you think ;)!

Also finished a tree skirt last week for a lovely customer,
I hope she loves it, and her Sox!!

Not sure if I told you that I have roped Sue into working for me,
we are getting a lot done, but still a lot to do!
Be back soon with more!

Monday, October 11, 2010

OOOh, ya gotta be careful! ...don't sit down in this house, she'll put you to work!! ........

Oooh, poor Mr Deekie Belle,
He sat down to watch a bit of TV at the kitchen table after dinner and I put him to work :)!
He is so wonderful, he cut out a tree skirt for me,
....and then he made the 'quilt sandwich' !
(for those who don't know what that is, it refers to the different layers of a quilt that have to be put together before the actual quilting sewing can be done!)
...Gosh I love him!!!

Now, Mr Deekie Belle is very adept at

mowing the lawn,

building shelving units and and other general indoor carpentry...

He fixes cars,

and anything else with an engine

and he has even been known to take apart two television that don't work and turn them into one television that does!

He's a terrific gardener,

and he loves anything he can do with his power tools :)

He does loads of stuff!!

Jack of all trades, Master of a few too ;)!

But he can proudly add the "cutting and compilation of a Christmas Tree Skirt"

to that list!

He's done a good job don't you think, no bumps or pulls, nice and flat, should be very easy to quilt!

Then it will go into the Shop for Sale, so if anyone wants to buy Mr Deekie Belle's Tree Skirt?!

Watch. this. space.


Sneaky peaky of this gorgeous set, need tags and bells and their own matching tree skirt!

Back soon with more!



Ps - is anyone else having trouble with blogger, losing posts and having all my comment mail dumped into the junk file?? Do you know what the story is??

Thursday, October 7, 2010

On their way to the U.S.A.

I forgot to show you this gorgeous set of Jingle Sox that I sent off last week to a super sweet customer in the US!

She asked me to make her set of Sox a bit longer than usual so I added 2 inches to the top,
I think they turned out really nice and am going to put some longer ones in the shop!

They are so festive!!

I tried to make this shot a little christmassy with the misty edges...

hmmmm, think I need to practice my photoshopping :)!

Hope you are all having a great week!



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Makes Me Happy Mondays ..

Welcome to Makes Me Happy Mondays on Tuesday here at Deekie Belle Designs..
apologies for my tardiness ;)
I took these photos of our daughter the model today,
she needed some hair and make-up shots for work and I was delighted to try out
my new camera on them..
I am no professional,
not by a long shot,
but I think they turned out pretty good!
My new camera certainly makes me happy,
as does our gorgeous daughter, every day ;)

Doesn't she do great hair !

A few weeks ago I embarked upon a new eating plan (ie: a diet),
I seriously need to get some weight off and I started out very well, shedding a few kilos a week.
Then hubby took me to Baskin Robbins....
bad, bad move!
Anyone who knows me knows that ice cream makes me happy :o) ...
But these guys, well, it is not enough that they make Peanut Butter 'n' Chocolate ice cream..
Their new flavour of the month 'Baseball Nut'
is a delicious blend of creamy vanilla ice cream, black rasberry coulis and heaps of cashews!
I shall have just a little
..... of both :o)


And what would be a Makes me happy Monday without a pic of some new fabric..
I have ordered a big load of fabric,
part of which is Basic Grey's new line for Moda that's called 'Fruitcake'
Here's a little bit of it that's just arrived,
how sweet are those little holly and ivy berries!

The bug was very sick over the weekend, he has a double ear infection,
poor little man, it's so awful when they are unwell....

but the antibiotics the doctor prescribed are starting to do their work and he is on the mend,
Antibiotics, though not always necessary, in this case,
made me,
and the bug,
very happy!

Last, but certainly not least,
I am happy that the Bunny has perfected her "Blue Steel"
(have you seen Zoolander :o) ?!)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I remembered you all in my prayers!
Big hugs!