Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pillow talk..

The awful cold weather we are having here in Perth has brought the flu bugs out again,
but today I have been very industrious, finishing off Jeremiah's pillow...

I made this little jointed teddybear yo-yo to finish it off... whad-ya think, cute?This little guy always makes me smile :)!

I did this embroidery for Hunny a few weeks ago and just finished the pillow off last week...

And of course had to post a couple of photos of my grandbabies....

Hunny is very wide eyed and starting to focus ...she is a brown eyed girl like her mama and daddy.

Aunty Alora can't get enough snuggles from her!

And my little Khye as always looooves the camera! (as you can see, he has my blue eyes ;)!)

Hope you are well and staying warm,

or cool depending on where you are in the world ;)!

Back soon!

Hugs, Jen xo

Saturday, July 24, 2010!

As you can see, I have been changing things up around my blog lately...
to those of you from my blog list who I 'lost' in the move,
please forgive me whilst I re-organise!

and here is a photo of what I am working on tonight!
isn't that elephant embroidery the cutest!
Jeremiah is due in 4 weeks,
I hope his mama likes the pillow ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

back soon!

Hugs, Jen xo

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gorgeous !!

I love getting photos from my sweet customers!!!
Hanna sent these to me today, of her gorgeous little boy, Ian, with his, and his sister's, Jingle Sox.
Isn't he a handsome little man!
Look at that face!!
I think Ian could be the next Brad Pitt!
Once he gets over being camera shy that is ;)!
And speaking of gorgeous little people... :)
Here are some pics of my grand bugs..
Ben took this of Hunny and Khye on Hunny's first night home....
As you can see, Khye is completely unimpressed!

But this is them with daddy yesterday... much better!
Khye is starting to be very interested in his new little sister, and is even mimicking her little noises. So cute!

and here is one of a wide awake little Hunny-Bun!

Back soon!

Hugs, Jen xo

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey Barb !

Look what's here Barb!
(and it's so much prettier in person!)
all ready for Jingle Sox for a couple of travellin' wilburys!!

I have made so many wonderful friends in the blog world.

I have said before that I love nothing more than sharing in a yummy recipe or a fabulous home improvement,
a new sewing pattern or an exciting holiday adventure,
a happy time with the family, or a time that needs urgent prayer.
One of the things that I particularly love sharing
is how God is working in your heart, and what He is teaching you from His word..

My sweet friend Barb from Wishin' the Moon, has been sharing her heart for God with us through her different blogs, and she has inspired me in my role as a wife, and home maker as is called upon in the Scripture.
She has really blessed me with God's words, and has become a very dear friend.
...Do you ever wonder if you are doing what God want's.. or just passing time?
I do, and I love being challenged and taught when others share their faith.
Well now, Barb and her hubby are in the middle of packing up their lives and headin' off on the adventure of a lifetime - RV-ing their way around the US of A!
They are in the process of giving away everything they own,
furniture, household items, clothing,
anything that wont fit into the RV is going!!
I can't wait to see their adventures, I can't wait to hear their stories..
I just wish I could go with them!
(...surely they could squeeze my big ol' butt in the cupboard under the sink ;)!! )
Back soon!
Hugs, jen xo

Monday, July 19, 2010

Minkies for Hunny

Just wanted to share a couple of photos of some blankies that I made for Hunny on Sunday evening.
This lovely embroidery design was graciously sent to me by Marisa Bordados.
Marisa is a fellow flickr member from Brasil.
I admired her embroidery and she told me to send her my email address and she would send me some of her patterns.
Wasn't that so kind !
minkie blanket

I made a few smaller blankies, and then two double sided minkies,

as the weather here in Perth is very chilly!

Peach with a Heather Bailey cabbage rose.

These blankets were so easy and quick to knock up.

I am not a huge fan of sewing minky because the stretch in it can be a pain, and if you are fussy (like me!) you have to spend lots of time with extra pinning to make sure you get a lovely even hem..

But my new Bernina Walking Foot made it such a breeze!

I asked Mr Deekie Belle to get this for me for our anniversary.

Not very romantic I know, but I totally love it!!

I will never shy away from pile with stretch again :o) !

Hope you all had a great weekend !

back soon with more!

Hugs, Jen xo

Friday, July 16, 2010

A few more photos of Hunny

Thank you everyone for your kind words and wonderful wishes!
As promised, here are some more photos of our beautiful little granddaughter Hunny Shae.
She is only about 18 hours old here, and we are completely smitten!
Angel is home from the hospital already ( she was only there for 12 hours!)
so we got to spend lots of time visiting this afternoon, and getting our fill of cuddles!

an armful of perfection!

Khye wasn't the least bit interested in her :)!

He just wanted to give her a little poke in the eye and then play chasey with us !

Of course we obliged him, we love chasey with our little bug!!
He does love having his photo taken!

My heart is so full -
I feel so blessed.
God is good!

Back soon with more!
Hugs, Jen xo

A photo of Hunny, our beautiful grand daughter!!

Here she is!
Oh my, ..... my heart is just bursting with joy!!!

You won't believe that my camera went on the fritz as soon as we got to the hospital so I grabbed this off Mr Deekie Belle's phone, it's not great but you can still see her!

I put my card into Ben's camera and got a few snaps, so will put them up as soon as I get some batteries.
She weighed 7lb 9oz and has a load of hair.. I can't believe how much she looks like Angel did when she was born!

Here she is just about half an hour old!

It was a very quick labour - about half an hour, and Angel is doing fabulously!!

I am so excited to see Khye's face when he meets his little sister..

Ooooh! I feel so blessed!

Praise God for the gift of grand children!!

I will have more photos soon!

Hugs, Jen xo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Time for Hunny to be born !!

On my way to the hospital,
Angel is in labour
Hope to have some pics to share when I get home ;)!!

Got a new logo for my Jingle Sox, let me know what you think!

Hugs, Jen xo

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sox for the shop...

Hello my lovely friends!
I have been finishing off the new sox for my etsy shop...
here are few,
let me know what you think!!

funky christmas stocking
christmas stocking
christmas stocking
I love the white bell on this one!
christmas stocking
funky christmas stocking

An old favorite, and one of my best sellers, I have such a limited amount of this funky Sock fabric and it is discontinued so no chance of getting any more ...
funky christmas stocking.................................................

And on the excitement front!!
I went to Angel's doctors appoint with her last week and they have told her that because she is a little on the small side they will be inducing her on Thursday.
That means we will get to meet our little grand daughter Hunny very soon and I am so excited :o)!!
I took this of Angel, Ben and Khye last week when we went out for dinner, it is a little dark but you can see her little 'Hunny' bump poking out of her jacket

..and happy birthday to our darling Angel.. who turns 23 today!
Your daddy and I couldn't be more proud of you sweetheart.
You are just perfect in every way!!
Your warmth and kind heart is a joy to everyone who meets you, and you are the most amazing wife and mama.
We love you, we love you, we love you!
Mwah xoxo

Have a great 'rest of the weekend' everyone, back soon ;)!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy, busy, busy .....

My darling hubby had to work all weekend so I buried myself in my studio and designed some sox.
Sometimes I forget how much work they are...
I ironed in 10 metres of interfacing and cut out 96 pattern pieces!!
Then I had to start the sewing !
funky christmas stocking
Here is a little look at some of my new styles...
I just love this blue snowman fabric - it is so whimsical!!
christmas stockingThe floral in the middle is beautiful Ava Rose fabric by Tanya Whelan, This fabric is discontinued but I have stocked up on it coz I love it!

Looking a bit floppy :o)! They still need stuffing and lining so back to work for me!

I am not sure I have ever posted a photo of my machines on my blog before so I snapped this (it never usually looks this tidy!!)
On the left is my Bernina 700D Overlocker. It's a great little overlocker, the cheapest in the Bernina range but it does all that I need it to.
In the middle is my Bernina 930 Record.
This machine is a semi-industrial and was a gift from my lovely mother in law! It is such a workhorse and for a 20 year old sewing machine it is still like brand new.
A real dream machine!
On the right of course is my baby, My Bernina Artista 730 Sewing and Embroidery machine.
This machine does everything!
I usually have it embroidering while I am sewing with my 930 but I do love sewing with it too and I it's great to quilt with it as it came with the 'Bernina Stitch Regulator' - a special attachment foot that regulates your stippling stitches - it makes it sooo easy!
I have a few fancy-schmacy feet for my Bernina's so will do a post on them soon, and show you what they all do!

It has been soooo cold here in Perth so I made Khye a special snuggly minky quilt last night.
I used minky on both sides, with wool batting in the middle and then just quickly embroidered a name patch on it and bound it in Michael Miller's cute vintage look Dick and Jane reading fabric..
Not a great job as I did it in an hour but it will keep him nice and warm... he loves soft snuggly blankies, he strokes the fabrics and rubs them on his face when he is sleeping,
gaaahhh!!, he's so wonderful!

Well, only a week and a half till our grandaughter Hunny is to be born, I wonder if Angel will last that long - she looks like she is ready to pop! We am getting so excited!

Also, some exciting news, Copious, (our son Steve and son-in-law Ben's band) entered the Perth Battle of the Bands and had their heat last weekend.

They won and are now in the semi-finals!!

Here is a couple of shots of my boy rocking the house! Didn't get one of Ben, time!!

(hehe, Steve is 6'1, so you can guess how tall their bass player is!!)

Isn't he handsome!!! (biased mother :)!)

Hope you are having a great week! Back soon!

Hugs, Jen xoxox

Friday, July 2, 2010

26 years...

On Wednesday Mr Deekie Belle and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary.
It's funny, when you get married you are so in love and happy, you just think it can't get better than this...
but it does.
You become part of each other, one unit, one love.

Here are a few wedding photos I scanned on the computer last night
(yay! I finally learnt to use my scanner, only taken me three years ;)!
With mum and dad before the church

..signing the register - Mr and Mrs Deekie Belle!

Look at my hubby, he looks about 12 years old!

with mum and dad at the reception...

Hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane!

Back soon!

Hugs, Jen xo