Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Make me happy Monday's!

The lovely Bev from Kainga Happenings has a series of posts on her blog called
'Make Me Happy Mondays'.
She shares photos and news of things around her home and in her life that make her happy...
So simple ...and so sweet!
Since I discovered her blog I have really enjoyed these posts,
so today I thought I would join in the fun!!

My darling Mr Deekie Belle recently bought me this old fireplace surround from a second hand seller in Fremantle.

It is a 1940's style and although I don't have the fireplace to go beneath it, I just love it!

A few coats of paint later (it was quite a mess!!) it is just what I need to photograph my Jingle Sox!
Plus, it is soooo pretty!

OOooohhhhhh!!! it will work and .....It makes me very happy :)!

I moved my little octagonal cupboard up behind the sofa's so as to fit in the fire surround, I love it there, I can see all my Henry's and my Jim Shore ornaments when I am having my cuppa,

...and that makes me happy :)..

This is our darling Derrick, he is one of our kitties,

He survived a terrible snake bite a few years ago and hubby and I had to literally nurse him back to health day and night for a week (hubby even had to take him to the litter tray and hold him over it!... )

He is one of our precious fur babies and he makes me very happy!!

This is our beautiful little Twitch.

She is Garfield and Derrick's mama,

she is a funny little cat, who, although a bit nutty, always wants a snuggle - and the more snuggles I get the happier I am!

... soooo, that makes me happy!

This is our lovely old Sooty.

We rescued him from the streets a few years ago.

His owners had moved away and he refused to go with them, they did take him, but he came back..

...so he lived on his own, in the bush and on the streets for a couple of years.

All the neighbours tried really hard to catch him and have him put down as they thought he had gone feral. {... hmmm, he did seem to start alot of fights}

One day, I was out the front watering the lawn and he was sitting under the tree out the front of our place.

I said hello to him, as I always did, and went back inside to get him a plate of biscuits {as I always did ;)!}

He sat there watching me for the longest time, then, after he finished scoffing his biscuits, he walked up to me and started rubbing against my legs.

I didn't bother trying to pet him, as I was sure he would run away (he seemed to hate people, either that or he knew what was in store for him if anyone else caught him!)...

Then, the strangest thing happened..

He jumped up at my legs, like a dog would, so I would pat him.

He was a bit grubby but I could never reject an animal looking for love...
So I picked him up, gave him some cuddles and that was it, he was ours!

He got a trip to the vet to get the snip plus a bath and a shave (to clean him up!)..

Then we brought him home from the vet the next day and put him in a make shift bed in the spare room to recouperate..

He was a bit nervous (what with all the other animals in the house!) but on the first night, he ventured up to our bedroom and parked himself on the end of our bed, where he has slept ever since!

He is the most snuggly, cuddly, affectionate cat I have ever met!

It is like he knows we gave him this warm, lovely home to live in with lots of food and lots of love and he is just soooo grateful...

and that really makes me happy :)!

I have nearly completed 18 New Jingle Sox
That makes me happy !!

What makes you happy today?...



Sunday, August 29, 2010

All tidied up!

As you can see my blog has undergone a transformation.

I have had the very talented Emily from Polka Dot Pixels
designing and 'froofing' my blog and I am just thrilled with the results!

Emily is a dream to work with,
she worked fast and is extremely professional,
one of the best parts, I never have to chase her up for anything!!
you wake up in the morning and it's all done!!
If you are looking for a blog update, hop on over to Emily's blog and send her a message!!
But while you are here, don't forget to grab a button ....or 2 :o)!!
from the bottom left hand corner of my blog!!


Saturday was a great day!
It was my darling hubby's birthday, he turned 46,
and the kids and I all put together and got him a gift voucher for his favorite music store!!
He went down and got himself a gorgeous new Fender Semi Accoustic and a new Amp for his other guitars...

He had a lovely day,


playin' with his new toys!

watching footy,

a Roast Lamb for dinner,

eating birthday cake,

and most importantly enjoying family time ...


Hope you all had a great weekend too!!

Back soon with more!

Friday, August 27, 2010

......sneaky .....peaky ..... :)

These Antiquity Jingle Sox, are gonna be stunning!
Will have them finished and up in the shop for sale tomorrow!

Cuffs embroidered for a customer in Alaska!
Bit hard to see but they look great, can't wait to get the fur on them!!

Hope you are all well, and that God is blessing you !!
If not, just ask him, He will!!!



Thursday, August 26, 2010

busy, busy..

This week has gone by so quickly,
I am working hard on lots of orders,
finished this for a customer and will send it off in the morning..
I love the colours of this sock...

Angel went back to work for 2 half days this week and I got to look after my grandbugs.

Khye is still going through his "Nana, don't take my photo!" phase,

but I snapped this of him before I left...

His daddy was tickling his toes,wish you could have heard him giggle!!

Hunny was more than happy to have her photo taken...

I had to show you this,

she has the hugest feet I have ever seen on a bubby!

Soooo cute!
Even though it was only for four hours, Angel missed the kids so much...

Back soon with more!



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Grandaughter Hunny is starting to focus,

she is 5 and a half weeks old already, .....isn't she a little princess!

hehe, she opens her eyes sooooo wide!

Khye is a bit unwell at the moment, having trouble with his teeth,

so not his usual happy self and did not want his photo taken...

Perhaps tomorrow ;)!

Hope your weekend has been wonderful !!



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mr Garfield....

is hanging around..

watching me ....

grumpy coz I won't snuggle with him....

Sorry Garfy-puss, in a minute, mummy's working...


Friday, August 20, 2010

Had a lovely time at Mum and Dads last night..
Have I ever introduced you to my 'little brothers'??
This is Archie and Benjy, Mum and Dad's Mini Dashunds,
who are always soooo happy to see us!
Aren't they adorable!

This is Archie and this is Benjy

We had a lovely Chinese meal and then it was out with the cards and into the Canasta..

But don't be fooled by these sweet old pensioners !!!!

They are two of the most competitive card sharks you could meet ;)!
...check out the sponge on the little tray next to mum,

that is to dampen her fingers so she can handle her cards better!!

Ooooh! I am gonna be in trouble for this post :o)!!

Love you Mum and Dad xoxo!!

Back soon with more!



Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hello my lovelies!
Been working on another set of Sox for a lovely customers right here in Perth!

Do you like my new little grinchy embellishments?!

I am always looking for things to dress up my sox and am very happy with these!!

a bow for Mama's sock....

And a little name ornie with a snowflake and swarovski crystals....

Hope you are having a good week,

Mr Deekie Belle is off for the next couple of days so tonight we are off to my folks for dinner and a few games of Canasta!

Hope where ever you are and whatever you're doing,

it's fun and full of laughs!