Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Tower of London is Haunted!.... oh, and Nana needs a Port-a-cot

My Dad's brother - Uncle Tom and his wife Aunty Yvonne are over here for mum and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary - as well as to have a lovely visit with us all!!! They hail from wonderful England (the land where my sisters and I were all born!) and it is so great to have them visit! They are so much fun and tell the best stories of dad's childhood and "their times in the Tower". You see my Grandpa was a Beefeater so my dad and his brothers (Uncle Tom and Uncle Pete) grew up living in the Tower of London - and what an amazing place that was to have some fun!! Especially late at night when you were supposed to be tucked up in bed!! Can you imagine three teenage brothers and the mates who knew every nook and cranny of the place - frightening the life out of the poor tower guards!! This is, quite literally, the stuff of legends - the legends of the Tower of London Ghosts!!! But we knew who was really haunting the Tower!! Long story deserves it own post so will get some more details from Uncle and Dad and post it soon!!

Here is Aunty Yvonne with The Bug - 
to him she is his "Great Aunty Yvonne" which we told her puts her well above all his other aunties LOL!!

Bug with his great Nana, my beautiful mum.... so much love for our little man!

And last but not least I really needs to buy a Port-a-cot haha! We had an unexpected visit at 1am this morning, Poor mum and dad, neither of them have slept
since he was born - 

time for Nana to watch him for a few hours at night so they can catch up on their sleep!! 

 But I am really needing some baby things!

Love Jen

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Letter to my Grandson....

Darling Bug

I knew I loved you before I met you..... You are only one whole day old but you have completely stolen my heart, I will never be the same again - Thank you for being born as MY grandson, I am surely the luckiest woman who ever lived.

I can't wait to sing to you, to tuck you in, and to snuggle you to sleep. I can't wait to play leggo with you, and to watch you ride your bike. I can't wait to read you a zillion story books and show you how much there is to learn in this wonderful world! I can't wait to make you warm chocolate cake and ice-cream - it is your mum's favorite, I will make you hot chocolate with marshmallows and Angel Food Cake, she loves that too! And I will definately make you my special Scalloped Potatoes and Pavalova because that is your Daddy's favorite. I will take a million photos of you, and Pop and I will take you to the park, to the zoo and to the royal show - and if we can afford it we will even take you to Disneyland!!

I must tell you now that Poppy and I will spoil you rotten, but we will try to be good grandparents and not spoil you in a bad way..... We know that you are going to be the centre of our universe and we hope you don't mind that - you might think we are a couple of old fouggies and that is okay, we hope you don't mind that we will adore you anyway.

We can't wait to teach you about Jesus and how much He loves you. I want to see you all the time, I hope you don't mind, but when you are older and you do mind that is okay too, I want you to have a busy and wonderful life, full great friends, exciting adventures and lots of love.

So take care my little one - for this Nana will worry, and fuss, but all of that is because - I love you, I love you, I love you.....
All my love
Your Nana xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh My Gosh, I am in Love!!

half an hour old..........

I am totally overwhelmed, completely awestuck and besottedly in love with this precious baby boy who made his debut into the big wide world at 4.15pm today.......
I can't believe he is here, and I can't understand how I can be so in love with him so quickly! I know I have been chatting to him and cuddling him for 9 months, but I had no idea how quickly he would take his place in the fore front of both mine and his Poppy's heart....

He is quite simply the most divine thing we have ever seen!.... He is our little taste of heaven....

being weighed - an hour old........ gorgeous chubby, soft skin, smooshy face hmmmmmm.... 9 lbs 1.6oz of ..... L.O.V.E.

Sorry about the big bandage, it is covering his poopy, will post a better pic soon as I can but this was the only one I had to show you how perfect he is!!!!

So excited! Hope I can sleep - can't wait to get to see him in the morning!

PS - the model  was amazing! so strong and classy, she didn't scream or lose it, she breathed and smiled through the pain. .......but that is our girl, our sweety who loves the Lord, she is beautiful and SHE IS AMAZING! We are so proud of you baby girl - you did so good!!!

Nana :) (yep, Nana!!!)

(scuze the photo quality, we only had our phones)

I can feel it in her waters!!

The Model's water broke át 4am this morning so we are off to the hospital for some baby waiting! Soooooooo Excited!!!!!


The Model's Baby Shower - just a few pics

We had a baby shower for the model last Saturday - it was a lovely time and she got spoilt rotten ..... although I do believe she deserves it. It has been a difficult pregnancy with morning/daytime and evening sickness throughout and sever pain from the condition which she inherited from me, 'Pelvic Athropothy' I am sure that she got some stuff from me also, her height, her.. um.....her....hmmmm....I will get back to you on that!! She inherited her daddy's slim build and super-sonic metabolic rate which is a dream!!! Wish you oculd inherit it from your husband!!

Anyway, here are a few from the party!!

Our beautiful girl - Was due today (Monday 23rd, come on little man you got people dying to meet you!!)

The Two Great Grandmothers to be from the Model's side ('My Hubby's Mum and My mum)

She was due today so we are just waiting ................


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A busy week and fun with my new toy!

It has been a busy few week. My sister Sue and I have been helping Dad redecorate a couple of the spare rooms in their new home while mum was in England. I will have some photos of that soon, including the handcarved bedhead Dad and Sue made which is stunning!

Sue made me this little sign - I love it!

Made a few cushions for the songstress..

and I have had so much fun playing with my new baby! -

Mr Deekie Belle and the kids bought me this beautiful new machine - 
WOW!! It has been on layby and we picked it up last week. 
 They got a fantastic deal on it 

(due to the release of the new 830... which by the way runs at $13,000!! - whew!) I am going to need a degree to work this baby!, but the free lessons that came with it should be a start - can't wait to learn how to use it properly!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please pray for little Jonah.

I read the blog of the lovely Brittany , and she has a prayer link up so as I usually do with a prayer request I followed the link and I was lead to The Williams Family blog. I am not someone who finds it easy to talk about my feelings online but the story of this family had me crying buckets, I was crying so much I had to get a towel to dry my tears because the tissues were just not doing it. I cannot believe the strength of faith this beautiful young couple, Matt and Patrice have, they are going through so much and they still, without hesitation, are trusting and thanking the Lord. In April last year their first child, a little boy they named Gabe was stillborn at 37 weeks. Their second child, little Jonah, was born with an extremely rare skin condition, called Epidermolysis Bullosa. He is the most gorgeous little boy and he needs all your prayers. Please pray that God will bring healing to his little body so that he can spend lots more time here with his wonderful Mum and Dad and enjoy growing up with them, pray for the doctors that God will grant them the wisdom of Solomon to help this precious little boy, pray for Matt and Patrice, that the Lord will give them His perfect peace in their hearts as they go through this gutwrenching time, and pray they will have many more moments of pure joy with their little fella and please add their button to your blog - you will see it on the left in my sidebar.
I am sending them all my love and prayers xxoo

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Corners of my home...

One of my favorite books, and look closely, you can see the little Eiffel tower in the heel of the JTR Shoe on the left!!
Top four photos of my beautiful nephews and nieces from Bunbury- Bailey, Tayla, Madison and Cooper. The photo on the second shelf is my beautiful friend Debbie from America and her lovely family - I can't wait till the day I can visit Debbie and we can sit and chat for hours

This is called "NEW YORK SOCIALITE" Hand stamped and inked, drawn and painted, an original by my sister Sue. Amazing detail SO I am putting some up in the shop for sale - they are beee-uuu-di-fulll!!

A Picture of me holding my youngest sister Laura back in the mid sixties. It was taken when we lived in Canada (Laura was born in Canada) - this has always been my favorite baby picture of her and I together. I love this vintage frame, as soon as I found it I knew what I wanted it for! Perfect fit!

Front entrance hall picture wall.....

A shelf Vignette...

A Wall Vignette - my mum has a MASSIVE collection of plates, alas, I have just a few! She has plates from every county in the world, and some of them are rather pricey!!, oh well, I guess a girl has to start somewhere!

Another shelf vignette

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless you all
Hugs and kisses