Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm back!

Danneeka and Jon's wedding was last Saturday and everything went of wonderfully. It was a small, intimate wedding with only 75 guests, just as they wanted it
It was alot of fun and a great time was had by all.
The ceremony was lovely and
watching Danneeka and Jon together, and seeing how deeply in love they are brought me to tears more times than I wish to mention ;)!
Danneeka looked absolutely stunning
Doug and I were just so proud of her!
She has grown into such a beautiful young lady, so full of joy and warmth,
she is always the life of the party and can light up a room with one of her smiles.
We are very excited to see what God has in store for her and Jon in this new phase of their life...

I had so much help leading up to, and on the day of the wedding, I really thank the Lord for blessing me with some truly amazing family and friends. I owe a world of thanks to
my beautiful, wonderful mumma,
my incredible and uber-talented sister Sue
and the best friend any girl could ever have, my B.F.F. my Cherie.

Planning a wedding and executing it step by step is so much work, and without these three I could not have done it.. They were there every step of the way and Doug and I are more grateful than we could ever express.
So thank you my darlings -
I love you all !!
and I will be here for you to
~ cook for you,
~ sew for you
~ and love you dearly
for the rest of my life!!
....... I owe you at least that much ;)!!

Danneeka and Jon were also very lucky to have chosen the amazingly sweet and very talented Sharon Manning as their photographer for their special day.

What a superb choice that was!!!

Sharon is just lovely!! and the kids simply adored her -

they felt so comfortable with her and she made them so comfortable and relaxed..

It was a joy to have her photograph their wedding.

I was so excited when she messaged me today and said that she had put up a few previews of the wedding photos on her blog , that Doug and I quickly jumped over to have a look and

~ WOW. WOW. WOW. ~

We were completely blown away! Her photos are gorgeous!!

in the words of my sister Sue,

"She is brilliant!"

I can't wait for the kids to get back from Broome tomorrow to see them, they are gonna be wrapt!!!!

Seriously, if you are looking for an amazing photographer, who is as sweet as she is talented then look no further - Sharon in THE BEST! Hop on over to her blog and book her now!

So without further adieu here are some photos of my gorgeous girl and her gorgeous hubby... I promise more to come!

I hope you have all been keeping well and happy,

and that you have missed me as much as I have missed you!

I will be back soon with more to share about the wedding etc

(Of course we were not without our pre-wedding drama's but more on that later ;)! )

Back soon with some sewing stuff too ;)!

Biggest hugs and God Bless you all

Jen xoxoxoxoxox