Thursday, September 30, 2010

more of Sue's place....

As promised, here are some more photos of my sister's beautiful place...

a view down the driveway to the gates...

beautiful trees..

Tennis and basketball court down the back

the pool, sauna and granny flat....

haha, note Sue's hammock,

yes!! I could lay there all day too..

their gorgeous old labrador Tessa,

Sue's 3 chooks....

Debbie, Jenny and Laura

...named after her sisters - how rude !!!

A little visitor,

this is Benjy, one of Mum and Dad's mini Dashunds,

they love to visit,

they can run around to their hearts content...

such a sooky-la-la

Sue's gorgeous tapestry of a castle..


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Make Me Happy Mondays!

Today there are no words !!

On Friday night

Our son THE ROCK STAR, and Son-in-law THE OTHER ROCK STAR'S band
won the
Tooheys Extra Dry 2010 Battle of the Bands

I am so proud of you my gorgeous boy!

you too my other gorgeous boy!

You guys were a. maz. ing. !!
(Photos courtesy of Tyler Crosbie)
We love these guys so much!
Big hugs!
(back soon with much more!)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Giggleberry Jingle Sox!

This is a set of Jingle Sox I made for
"The Giggleberry Family"
They love them!!

Have you ordered your Jingle Sox yet?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Makes me happy Monday...

My sister Sue makes me happy...
She couldn't be more loving and supportive,
and although she is not one who is all mushy-mushy, kissy-huggy like I am,
she has a heart of gold and loves in a huge way!
She will do anything for anyone, her kind heart shines through her beautiful smile..
And she gets me, totally!
Together, years ago, we went through one of the most terrifying experiences that sister's could go through,
but I think that it has bonded us beyond all else.
(I will share more on that one day, when the time is right..)
Sue and her family recently moved into a new home on 6
beautiful acres of lush bushland..
Their new home came complete with a grand house with verandahs all round, a fully self contained granny (or aunty!) flat, Artist's Studio, swimming pool, spa, sauna and grass tennis courts!
It is amazing !
Birds, tranquility, acres and acres of trees!
I have been dying to get over there and take some photos with my new camera but have been so busy with Jingle Sox orders that I have not had time..
Here are a couple of teasers from Sue's...

I hope to have more for you of indoors and outdoors soon!
And I just wanted to show you my new little line of Basic Grey for Moda .
I have more coming but these ornaments arrived today and they just lit me up!!
New fabric always makes me happy!
They will go with the Moda grunge basics

arn't they cute!

and of course in the maraschino

You know what else makes me happy, my amazing Mr Deekie Belle, he has been such a soldier for me since I have gotten busy with my orders. When he gets home from work he does all the washing, folding, dishes, vacuuming, and even he even dusts for me
Do you have any idea how much that makes me happy!!
There is nothing hotter than a man who cleans ;)!

Back soon with more!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

working hard..

Busy, busy here...

Hope you are all well!



Monday, September 13, 2010

Makes me happy Monday..

Today on 'Makes me happy Monday' I want to show you a process that makes me really happy :o)!
I love, love, love, to makes pillows!
I could do it all day long,
yep, happy to spend all day sewing pillows :o)!
It is one of my favorite things to do...
I love the whole process...
it's like making a mini-quilt, then stuffing it!
Firstly, choosing the designs
picking the fabrics and threads
setting up the fabric to be embroidered ..
(I don't hoop, I set my fabrics in place onto the stabilizer with stitches - makes it so easy!)

then, beginning the embroidery

I love watching the design come to life..

it is like colouring in ....for big girls ;)!

This one is simple, only two thread colors...

then to trim off the jump threads and remove the stitched boarder...

next, quilting the panel..

I love the stippling,

its where I get to squiggle freehand on the fabric..

Ready to bind!

Alot of quilters say this I know,

but it really is true, my favorite part is the binding,

it's so relaxing...

a cup of tea and some hand stitching before bed, just makes me happy!

then a couple of buttons and we're all done,

But the part that makes me most happy will be giving it to my sister..

I hope it makes her happy!