Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am not a good photographer, that is a fact, I stroll aound my favorite blogs and look on in awe at the wonderful photographs that everyone takes, but I know that photography is not something that I am good at. My hubby (the darling man!) tells me that I can do anything and it is just a case of practice makes perfect so I keep snapping away hoping that I will magically become a "photographer".... All I seem to be doing is filling up my computer with files of photos, ....and copies of photos ....and edited copies of photos ......and resized copies of edited photos... Hmmmm, you get the picture! Anyway, here are some that I have taken recently, with some of my favorite things

My beautiful Bohemian crystal cake plate - My darling bought me this a few weeks ago and it is my absolute favorite thing at the moment!.... inside it is his absolute favorite thing ever - Angel Food Cake with Lemon Sherbet Icing!

This is my little 'Tea Cabinet' - it used to be an old pine cabinet that I have had for about 20 years and it was so yellowy and ugly that I was going to throw it out - but after a coat of paint and some new glass knobs it is transformed to something I love!

One of our four legged babies - Gordy, our 5 year old Akita. He is the most beautiful dog and when I look into his eyes I can see his heart, - his big cuddly, playful, loving heart!

Have a great day!