Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting ready for my Etsy shop Opening...!

A few things that will go in my etsy shop soon!

Retro Funky Flowers Capri Set

French Poodle Peekaboo skirtset

Pink Lady Sundress with shabby heart

Comfortable cross over straps with elastic back for lovely fit

Shabby heart.

Long floral apron for fun and crafting, or just over jeans!

Vida Patchwork Jumper dress in gorgeous Heather Bailey fabrics! (excuse the blue T, it was all I could find at the time!

Back view

Close-up of Patchy Jumper dress

A few of boys sets,
Camo shorts with shabby patched T

Drill Spiderman shorts with shabby patched Spidey T

Soccer shorts with shabby patched Soccer T

And of course, the old favorite, Surfs Up! shorts and shabby patched T



Your design are beautiful!!! Best of luck!!! xoxo Laura