Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Father Day to the two men I love

I have been trying with great difficulty to get this post online before the end of Fathers Fay, but alas I am late!! ...So what else is new LOL! Anyone who knows me knows that I am always tragically late for everything and those who love me have just accepted that that is just part of what makes me who I am - we call it Lovably late!

Anyway, My darling Daddy - Happy Fathers Day to you. I could not visit you today due to transport issues... ie: there was none! (transport I mean), but I thought about you all day, had a long chat with you on the phone and told you how much I love you. My dad is the cutest man in the world. Mum calls him her "toyboy" coz he is 2 months younger than her (ps - Yeah, my mum rox!) Dad is 72 and is loving being retired... He has worked so hard his whole life for Mum and us four girls that he deserves the best life he can have - we hope he has it... They have done a few overseas trips, some pretty big ones, And they love Caravan/camping around Australia. He travels with mum in their caravan, which becomes more and more like a decked out Winebago every year!! Dad has just fitted the new recliners for the next Queensland Trip in a couple of months and put in new wall to wall carpet..... Honestly, if it had a few more feet in it you could live in it quite comfortably for the rest of your life....
But that is my dad, he is the handiest of handy men. Before he was retired he was a Carpenter - he loves working with wood and I remember he once said to me, it is special, because wood is a living, breathing thing.(and hey, Jesus was a carpenter!) I love my Dad so much and he is my spiritual hero. His love for Christ is so untouched by any of the liberal thinking of this world, it is the kind that the scripture talks about - it is the pure, sacred, and holy love of a Godly man for his Saviour and his Lord. And thanks for showing me that daddy, I've learned more about life, my relationship with Christ and how to deal with this world from watching you than from all the books I have ever read and all the school I have ever attended and the sermons I have ever heard.... You are the best Dad in the world and I love you so much... so much....!

When you pull your funny "smile" face it makes me laugh!

My darling Mr Deekie Belle, You are the love of my heart, my soulmate, my best friend. 24 years of marriage and still, STILL, I get butterflies when you walk into a room.... I never knew this kind of love would last this long - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are the best Dad that our children could ever hope for, you are loving, loyal, giving, hilariously funny, so smart, so clever.... the kids still get enraptured by your stories as much now as they did when they were little .... You are amazing, you are a giver and the hardest working man I have ever known, it astounds me how much you will work to look after us all - you are our hero babe, I love you babe! Happy Fathers Day

Dog Pile!! Puppy kisses for Dad!