Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo wednesday, Raindrops on Roses.....

These are a few of my favorite things......

Our amazing son, the rock star - he is 22 years old and is the funniest person I have ever met (and I am not just saying this because he is my son), everyone that meets him says it, he is also the loudest in our family, partly due to some of the the punchlines of his hilarity but mostly because he plays guitar in a metal band!, The rockstar is also the sweetest son a mum could ever want, how many 22 year olds that you know still kiss their mum good night every single night or wake in the morning and just before leaving for work, bring her a cup of tea in bed. *smiles* He has come a long way in the past year has our boy.... kind of did a prodigal son thing, (that story at another time, as it is very intense) but we are so proud of the man he has become. And look at those baby blues, Any singles ladies out there this man is available! (he will kill me if he finds our I wrote this!)

This is my beautiful 'Franz' Iris teapot which arrived today, I have been waiting for weeks for it, I love it so much! I can't stop looking at it - now I just need a beautiful china cabinet to go around it LOL!! :)!

I love the whimsical look I am creating in certain nooks in my home. This one is on the top of my fridge - love the vintage metal ice-cream and drink signs and the Carnival ones too... My Krinkles Cake Plate is a big favorite too! It has a bit to go but I have a little plan for it! Without even realising it I seem to have started a "collection" of cake plates - oh well, the are kee-yute!

Doug and I love it when the kids are away and we can climb into bed, turn the lights down, put on a movie and enjoy a nice super. The best part of having the kids away is we can have an evening snooze then wake up and do this at 2am!! .... as we did the other day - Fun, Fun, Fun! (oh, and YUM!)