Thursday, September 25, 2008

Back to his old self

Well, it has been a long week for him but Derrik is finally getting back to his old self. After two nights at the vet they took him off the drip last Saturday and sent him home to us. Although it was good to have him home it was really hard. We were so worried for him, he couldn't even hold his head up. The vet was not sure if he was going to be alright but said the fact that he had made it through three days was a really good sign. The drip worked to clear his kidneys of the venom and they were fine but he was still not out of the woods. Doug, Alora and I spent the week cuddling,snuggling and fussing over him (more than usual!), one of us would hold his head up while the other hand fed him - Doug held him over the litter tray for him to do his business, he slept on our bed with us (as he usually does!) and we made sure that one of us was with him nearly all the time. Well, our prayers (and yours!) were answered and he is nearly back to his old self. His strength has returned, he can go to the food by himself and even snuck out the laundry window tonight to go to the bathroom! - I was so worried when I realised he had gotten out but I found him sitting at the back door waiting to come back inside. Deekie will be coming home this weekend and can't wait to see him! Thank you all for your prayers and support - our lovely boy thanks you too!