Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Tower of London is Haunted!.... oh, and Nana needs a Port-a-cot

My Dad's brother - Uncle Tom and his wife Aunty Yvonne are over here for mum and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary - as well as to have a lovely visit with us all!!! They hail from wonderful England (the land where my sisters and I were all born!) and it is so great to have them visit! They are so much fun and tell the best stories of dad's childhood and "their times in the Tower". You see my Grandpa was a Beefeater so my dad and his brothers (Uncle Tom and Uncle Pete) grew up living in the Tower of London - and what an amazing place that was to have some fun!! Especially late at night when you were supposed to be tucked up in bed!! Can you imagine three teenage brothers and the mates who knew every nook and cranny of the place - frightening the life out of the poor tower guards!! This is, quite literally, the stuff of legends - the legends of the Tower of London Ghosts!!! But we knew who was really haunting the Tower!! Long story deserves it own post so will get some more details from Uncle and Dad and post it soon!!

Here is Aunty Yvonne with The Bug - 
to him she is his "Great Aunty Yvonne" which we told her puts her well above all his other aunties LOL!!

Bug with his great Nana, my beautiful mum.... so much love for our little man!

And last but not least I really needs to buy a Port-a-cot haha! We had an unexpected visit at 1am this morning, Poor mum and dad, neither of them have slept
since he was born - 

time for Nana to watch him for a few hours at night so they can catch up on their sleep!! 

 But I am really needing some baby things!

Love Jen


Femina said...

Heh - my little sister slept in a cane washing basket when she was a month old and we all went on a caravan holiday. She's now 31 and the basket is still going strong at Mum's place.

I found your blog via Hippomanic Jen's. Looking forward to reading more. :)

Louisa said...

I found your blog through Femina and just have to say that photo of your grandson in the washing basket is ADORABLE! What a precious moment to have captured, he will love hearing the story of it in years to come! What a wonderful grandmother you are to be there in this way for your daughter. My parents did the same thing with me when I was a baby and they had returned from visiting family OS and I wouldn't sleep and so they couldn't sleep. I can almost feel the warmth of my grandmothers arms as she rocked me through the night, even though there's no way I actually have a memory of the event - I feel as though I do because of hearing the story and the love that comes with it. God bless x

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

The last picture is priceless! Thanks for commenting on my post yesterday. It's so nice to meet you!