Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Model's Baby Shower - just a few pics

We had a baby shower for the model last Saturday - it was a lovely time and she got spoilt rotten ..... although I do believe she deserves it. It has been a difficult pregnancy with morning/daytime and evening sickness throughout and sever pain from the condition which she inherited from me, 'Pelvic Athropothy' I am sure that she got some stuff from me also, her height, her.. um.....her....hmmmm....I will get back to you on that!! She inherited her daddy's slim build and super-sonic metabolic rate which is a dream!!! Wish you oculd inherit it from your husband!!

Anyway, here are a few from the party!!

Our beautiful girl - Was due today (Monday 23rd, come on little man you got people dying to meet you!!)

The Two Great Grandmothers to be from the Model's side ('My Hubby's Mum and My mum)

She was due today so we are just waiting ................