Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Please pray for little Jonah.

I read the blog of the lovely Brittany , and she has a prayer link up so as I usually do with a prayer request I followed the link and I was lead to The Williams Family blog. I am not someone who finds it easy to talk about my feelings online but the story of this family had me crying buckets, I was crying so much I had to get a towel to dry my tears because the tissues were just not doing it. I cannot believe the strength of faith this beautiful young couple, Matt and Patrice have, they are going through so much and they still, without hesitation, are trusting and thanking the Lord. In April last year their first child, a little boy they named Gabe was stillborn at 37 weeks. Their second child, little Jonah, was born with an extremely rare skin condition, called Epidermolysis Bullosa. He is the most gorgeous little boy and he needs all your prayers. Please pray that God will bring healing to his little body so that he can spend lots more time here with his wonderful Mum and Dad and enjoy growing up with them, pray for the doctors that God will grant them the wisdom of Solomon to help this precious little boy, pray for Matt and Patrice, that the Lord will give them His perfect peace in their hearts as they go through this gutwrenching time, and pray they will have many more moments of pure joy with their little fella and please add their button to your blog - you will see it on the left in my sidebar.
I am sending them all my love and prayers xxoo