Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh My Gosh, I am in Love!!

half an hour old..........

I am totally overwhelmed, completely awestuck and besottedly in love with this precious baby boy who made his debut into the big wide world at 4.15pm today.......
I can't believe he is here, and I can't understand how I can be so in love with him so quickly! I know I have been chatting to him and cuddling him for 9 months, but I had no idea how quickly he would take his place in the fore front of both mine and his Poppy's heart....

He is quite simply the most divine thing we have ever seen!.... He is our little taste of heaven....

being weighed - an hour old........ gorgeous chubby, soft skin, smooshy face hmmmmmm.... 9 lbs 1.6oz of ..... L.O.V.E.

Sorry about the big bandage, it is covering his poopy, will post a better pic soon as I can but this was the only one I had to show you how perfect he is!!!!

So excited! Hope I can sleep - can't wait to get to see him in the morning!

PS - the model  was amazing! so strong and classy, she didn't scream or lose it, she breathed and smiled through the pain. .......but that is our girl, our sweety who loves the Lord, she is beautiful and SHE IS AMAZING! We are so proud of you baby girl - you did so good!!!

Nana :) (yep, Nana!!!)

(scuze the photo quality, we only had our phones)


tinkerverve said...

Oh, wow Jenny! I'm just so excited for you. Thanks for letting us know so quickly. He's a beautiful baby!

Niki said...

Oh he is Divine. I love chubby bubs. What a clever girl Angel is.
All your children have lovely names, but Khye has a special place in my heart as I have my own, Kai. Its a lovely strong name.
Well done guys.
Niki x

tikiboo said...

Congratulations Grandma and well done Angel. He's a beautiful boy!