Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A busy week and fun with my new toy!

It has been a busy few week. My sister Sue and I have been helping Dad redecorate a couple of the spare rooms in their new home while mum was in England. I will have some photos of that soon, including the handcarved bedhead Dad and Sue made which is stunning!

Sue made me this little sign - I love it!

Made a few cushions for the songstress..

and I have had so much fun playing with my new baby! -

Mr Deekie Belle and the kids bought me this beautiful new machine - 
WOW!! It has been on layby and we picked it up last week. 
 They got a fantastic deal on it 

(due to the release of the new 830... which by the way runs at $13,000!! - whew!) I am going to need a degree to work this baby!, but the free lessons that came with it should be a start - can't wait to learn how to use it properly!



tinkerverve said...

Congrats on that new machine. It doesn't get any better than that!

Jenny said...

Thanks Tink... I knowwwww, I was so gobsmacked! But I really need to learn to use it - it is quite complicated!! so not so much sewing going on and lots of practice at the moment.....