Friday, April 3, 2009

Nothing you can do can tear me away from my Bug....(..."my Bug.. badam bam...")

Nothing you can do cause I'm stuck like glue to My Bug!!

Sorry for the lack of sewing or home making posts but my darling little man is stealing all my attention! I just can't do anything when he is around except kiss that smooshie little face! It is my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary party tomorrow so we have been planning... and organising... and cooking.. and we are all very excited to share in the celebration of our parents love. Wow, 50 years that huge!!!.... (twice as many as Mr Deekie Belle and I who hit our 25th in

You can see why I can't get anything done!!!! Too much time spent loving on my muffin face!...

Anyway, I will be back soon with many more posts including pics of the 50th and some new dresses and outfits for my 2 online shops.! I have a few more order to finish this weekend, including a few of these, two will be off to England and one (in pink)will be going to the US in a size 3, I love making these skirts, they are so fun and so colourful!

So as I said, will be back soon!
Take care and God bless you soooo much!
Jen xo


Anonymous said...

fun skirts, they 're yummy. and the baby! wow. I had one with a head of hair like that. sigh now he is 25 and gettting married.

Lila Tueller said...

Hi Jen'
LOVE those skirts!!! Can I have one???
I found a site for those handles, just in case you haven't checked back to my blog Here it is:

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting me. oops I see I made a typo,,SS is 23 yo not 25.

yes we have a few things in common, let's do stay in touch. thanks for your kind comments. peggyann