Wednesday, November 5, 2008

..........It's here, it's here!!!!

Sorry for the long absence.... (rotten cold and flu season **grumble grumble**)

Some of you may remember that I recently blogged about Kim, the very talented seamstress and blogger behind Retro Mama. I was drooling over her Giant Pear Pillow and it's 'whimsical' qualities and guess what - Now I have one of my own!! Isn't it BEEE-U-DI-FULLL!

I know you don't normally keep a pillow in the middle of your coffee table but I had to give it pride of place - it is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Kim also added, as a little gift to me, her new 'mini' pear which she is reproducing as a Christmas ornament - these can be found in her etsy shop! (here is mine hanging with a few of my other little softies)

Thank you Kim, I love them!! (I knew I would!)

Be back later with more Deekie Belle updates!