Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lets try again shall we...

Well hopefully I am back in the land of blogging for a bit, things have been crazy busy and that flu took me out again. I have been busy in the last few days finishing up some more Christmas stockings and will hopefully have the pics of them up soon but for now hope you enjoy these!! Much has happened -

the songstress got a new baby - aptly names "Baby"

I have a new toy that I am totally in love with - I have been wanting one since before the model's wedding but with all the other 'wedding expenses' buying a Kitchenaid to make the wedding cupcakes seemed a bit ridiculous. Anyway, I am absolutely wrapt with it! I got the Apple green as it goes with my kitchen and I love the retro feel of it!!!!
Had to make Mr Deekie Belle and the rockstar huge choccy cake

And as strawberries are in season, vanilla cuppycakes with buttercream frosting for the girls

... this one was for me hehe!


The glam girl had her school dinner dance - hmmmm isn't she gorgeous!

Last but not least, the best news in the world - I have held off sharing this as it is always better to wait to make sure that everything is fine but I am getting so excited that I really can't hold it in any more! In March I will become a Nana! Our darling model girl and the other rock star  are having a little boy and we are over the moon! Here is a picture of her with her little "bump" (and yes that is the rock star in the background waving goodbye to the whole restaurant - typical!)

Hope that you are all really well and happy and will hopefully be around alot more! Take care


modkidboutique said...

Hi Jenny, I just read your super sweet comment on my blog and didn't know how else to contact you since you didn't leave an email. Thank you so much for offering to send the HSM necklaces for the girls... what a sweet offer! Unfortunately Sophie hasn't gotten to the HSM craze yet. She watched the first movie and was not too hip about it then she had no interest in watching the other ones. I'm sorry, I just thought I'd let you know because they sound absolutely precious and I'd rather them go to someone who can truly appreciate them, ya know?! :)

My girl is still a baby at heart! ;)

Thanks again for everything!!!