Tuesday, October 7, 2008

...whiskers on kittens....

These are a few of my favorite things....

Sorry, I have been absent for a few days - had to rest my rotten case of "golfers PLUS tennis elbow". Tell you what, am really over this!... No computer, no sewing, no stirring or chopping (which leaves out cooking) ..no painting, what's a girl to do!!

Anyhow, here are some photos of my favorite things, I missed out posting last Wednesday (this was supposed the be a Wednesday thing :)!)

My gorgeous baby girl, the glamgirl  When hubby does night shift she always climbs into his spot next to me to watch a movie and snuggle. And there she stays till school the next morning! The glam girl became very independent when she turned 14 and that was really hard for me. She was always my biggest snuggle puss, always wanting cuddles and to sit with me holding my hand or tucked under my arm for a story - she loves books just like me and would bring a big pile onto the couch and say we have to read ALL of these!! It is hard when your baby grows up..... Thankfully the independent phase only lasted about a year and at 17 she is a cuddly as ever - and the most precious company a mumma could ever want. She is having a little holiday with the songstress in Bunbury for two weeks and maaaannnn, I miss her! She will be home in a few days though, yay! (the little stars are a bit cheesy but I couldn't resist, she looks like a little angel in our bed!!)

I found this picture of my little maltese cross, Bob, when he was 6 weeks old - what a cutie pie he was - he looked like a stuffed toy! He is nearly three now and loves nothing more than running around with Gordie and Bonnie rolling in everything that smells yuk - especially when he has just had a bath! Not a very regal existence for someone with the distinguished title of "Prince Froofie Bob of Perth".....

This is the last litter of kitties our sweet Twitch had (or will ever have thanks to her little operation:)!) Gordie was in love with them and spent most of his days with his nose pressed up against the drawer where she had them. And Twitch is great with Gords, she left her babies quite happily knowing they were being so well guarded! Gordie is so sweet with little animals, our cats all spent the first few months of their lives walking around as big soggy-wet balls of fluff having been thoroughly licked to pieces by their big (huge!) brother!

Since Derrik has recovered from his snake bite he has now taken to sleeping in bed with our son's little Staffy, Bonnie. Every night Derrik climbs in with Bonnie and bonnie obliges her snuggly advances, seems to be a trend in this house, snuggling in other peoples beds LOL!! Bonnie is a gorgeous dog, she is mad as a hatter and has obsessive compulsive disorder, which is quite common among staffies apparently - who knew!!?

Have some new designs in the works, (and no I am not sewing Doctor - the dress-making faries have been hard at work in my studio ;)! Anyway, hope they will be done soon.

Hope everyone is well and having a great week, will write more tomorrow!!
Hugz from Jen