Tuesday, October 21, 2008

been away for a bit...

I have been a bad blogger lately, seem to be so busy that each time I sit down to blog it is time for bed, and anyone who knows me knows that I don't usually fall alseep till about 2.30am so that is really saying something. Anyway, I have a few new designs that I have been working on and am quite excited about them, but until then I will post some of my favorite things ...

My Iphone (which Rules BTW!!)
I am not a person that likes having a mobile phone, something that bothers the heck out of my husband and kids and I know is a real pain in the butt for my friends - well, Doug came back from the shops on Saturday with a new phone for me and proclaimed the following:

"I got you a phone, I don't like it when I am away and I can't get hold of you, you have to promise me that you will keep it charged and not leave it at home when you go out like you have with all the other ones that you have had..."

I grumbled, sighed and moaned until my adorable son-in-law, Ben, showed me what this phone could do.. and now..I AM IN LUUURVVVE. Here is my baby, 16 gigabytes of pure unadulterated joy.... and I can even shop on ebay with it!! (Since I told Doug that he has looked a little worried, I am sure he is thinking, "like she needs anywhere else to spend money!"....)

Anything this much fun should be illegal! *smirk*

Mr Deekie Belle also bought me some new flowers for the lounge room when I was ill, I think they look wonderful... (Man!, he is doing good in the gift department lately!!)

As some of you already know my sister Sue is an amazing artist - she is working on some ceramics at the moment and she has done some amazing pieces! She had one in the car that she had just fired when she came for coffee the other day so I snaffled it off her and took some pics of it - I love her work, it is so detailed and fresh. I am so tired of every shop I go into having the exact same boring stuff in it, and if they don't, I mean if you go to one of the higher end stores, you are paying $345.00 for a salad bowl or a salad plate, or even more for any other hand made ceramic item! So I am looking forward to the next lot of work Sue does as she has decided to sell to the public instead of just doing OOAK orders.... I have very cheekily asked her if I can put a few pieces on my blog or in my etsy shop and she said she would... WOO-HOO-SUE

I bought this crystal water decanter for my sister for her birthday, she didn't like it and told me to keep it, so I did, It now comes with me to my bedside table with ice cold water in it every night and it keeps it that way all day! I love this decanter so much!!

One last thing, The other night I was watching a late night Australian tv show on channel 7, and this guy came on. I knew that I knew him, but do you think I could figure our who he was?! - the show I was watching was filmed in about 1978-79.... It took me about 20 minutes (and again, those of you who know me know that is a long time for me coz I am good with actors/muso's faces)

I took this picture on the TV in our Bedroom - I was so surprised at how well it came out!!!... Have a guess!!!
Have a great day
Much Love and Hugs


Lesley said...

I recognise that face! That's John Howard (how could I forget that name?), last seen in Sea Change, when he was a lot fatter and older!
Love your sister's artwork on that platter — lucky you having a sister who can do stuff like that!

Jenny said...

Haha, that's right Lesley, old Bob Jelly himself (although now he is playing the head Doctor in 'All Saints')!! and man, I didn't realise how tall he was, he looks so much taller when he is slim! - and thanks for the comment on Sue's ceramics, she is pretty amazing isn't she!... Her work is so detailed it is hard to capture it in photos, I have had lots of people msg me about it so hoping Sue will let me put a couple of pieces for sale in my etsy shop soon!!