Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday madness ...and absolute Joy ! (very long post!)

Hello my lovelies!!
Hope you are all well and had a wonderful weekend!
Things here have been busy as always!
I can't believe that another weekend has come and gone...
sometimes I feel like one day just slips into the next!
Do you ever feel like that :o)!

I spent alot of time working on the weekend, lots of orders, which is good!!
I finished this Double Minky blankie for a sweet customer called Erica. It's for her little girl Ava who is just adorable!
Erica and her family live here in Perth so hubby delivered it for me on Saturday, she is thrilled with it!

Here is a photo I snaffled of Ava from her mama's facebook page. ..cheeky I am :o)!

Ooooohhh!!!! isn't she gorgeous!!!!


Finished some other embroideries, all to go on cushions and blankies...


Nearly finished Barb's Jingle Sox so here is a sneakie-peakie!Barb and Garry will be heading off on their amazing advernturous R-Ving lifestyle in the US soon, I am so excited for them!!!

I hope these Jingle Sox will make up for no Christmas tree!

Make sure you head on over to their blog so you can join in on the fun, and see what they get up too!!


And I finished Amy's aprons!

(please excuse the quick snap but I need to get them on their way!)

Amy is the designer and owner of Giggleberry Creations,

She is amazing and is definately the " Queen of Bunting " .

She makes everything prettier with her stylish flowing flags, I love them!!

I want some for my Deekie Belle Designs and Jingle Sox!

Amy is doing her first fair soon so I have done some embroidery for her and made some aprons,

but look at this amazing bunting!!

Aint she a talented lady !!!

(I made that little embroidery... just thought I would throw that in amongst all the amazingness of Amy :o)!)
ooh!! there it is again!

I do love her logo!! and I am so happy with the way the embroidery turned out!!

So if you know of anyone who wants their logo embroidered, let me know,

and if they want bunting to show it off with - make sure you give Amy a holler!


On the family front,
Mr Deekie Belle had the past 6 days off and it was soooooo lovely to have him home!
I enjoyed Lots of cuddles and snuggles, he cleaned for me and did washing, while I was working, and he even cooked dinner -
Oh my, I love that man!!
The Girls had a friend's 21st on Saturday night so Angel's hubby babysat Khye and Hunny so Angel could go and enjoy a night out, I snapped this when she came came over to pick up Alora...

Aren't they beautiful! ......................

And now for the exciting news!!!!

You all know our darling Danneeka

here she is at a Telethon appearance dancing and singing with Doopa Dog

(Up until she moved to Perth before John's and her wedding, she was the 'Doopa Girl' for Golden West Network, in the south west of WA. )

Well, she won't be doing much of that anymore,

.....unless maybe it's to the wiggles!!

Here is their little gift from God,

We call him/her Beanie (coz she/he looks like a bean!)

Isn't he/she beautiful!

Due February 6th, 2011.

Another grandbaby to snuggle!

It doesn't get better than that!

Back soon with much more!

Love and hugs to you all!

Jen xoxoxox


Private Moments said...

Jenny!!!! So much excitement going on with you. Another grandchild! Oh my. You must be ecstatic. And six days with your hubby. I'm so happy with you.
I love the aprons you did. Beautiful. But the Jingle Sox are my favorite. GARRY and I are sure they are going to make our new little home ever so jolly for Christmas. LOL.
Beautiful craftsmanship, beautiful daughters, beautiful grandbabies....a beautiful life.
God bless you my friend.

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Wow!! You have been one VERY busy bee... I LOVE the aprons!!!! Thanks soooooo much and I am also thrilled with your embroidery work!!

A HUGE congrats to your family again on the very exciting news of a new bun!! Christmas at your place is going to take on a whole new feel with all these grandbabies around!

Diana said...

Congrats on the great news! And......I love EVERYTHING!!!

Vorpaks said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful little bean!!! AMAZING!

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