Friday, August 20, 2010

Had a lovely time at Mum and Dads last night..
Have I ever introduced you to my 'little brothers'??
This is Archie and Benjy, Mum and Dad's Mini Dashunds,
who are always soooo happy to see us!
Aren't they adorable!

This is Archie and this is Benjy

We had a lovely Chinese meal and then it was out with the cards and into the Canasta..

But don't be fooled by these sweet old pensioners !!!!

They are two of the most competitive card sharks you could meet ;)!
...check out the sponge on the little tray next to mum,

that is to dampen her fingers so she can handle her cards better!!

Ooooh! I am gonna be in trouble for this post :o)!!

Love you Mum and Dad xoxo!!

Back soon with more!




Diana said...

Once again....wish I could play with you guys! Have a great weekend.