Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's on my sewing table...

There's a groovy kind of feeling around here :o)!!
All the purple, lime green and yellow is taking me way back to the 70's!

What's it all for, you ask, well I shall reveal that in time
but until then let just say this
My best friend Cherie + MOPS = a amazing, blessed time to be had by all!!
now, ... upon looking at this, the red needs to be alot bigger
so we bought some more of that today,
hope that changes the uneven-ness of the look!

Please remember that the pink card is just to give us an idea of sizing.
haha!! My terrible scribbled circular letters, will be replaced with beautiful embroidery.

I think they need to be a bit bigger - the letters,

what do you think?

This book, Momology is the theme ....

I am very excited to be making this project for my darling Cherie, in case you don't remember her, you can find out more about her here, (just scroll to the bottom of the post past all the fabric!) and here. And I am sure plenty of other places on my blog but that will roughly put you in the picture ;)!!
Back soon with more! Hugs, Jen xoxo


Diana said...

Oh wonderful!! This is great.

Jenny said...

It's got a long way to go Diana!!!