Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pillow talk..

The awful cold weather we are having here in Perth has brought the flu bugs out again,
but today I have been very industrious, finishing off Jeremiah's pillow...

I made this little jointed teddybear yo-yo to finish it off... whad-ya think, cute?This little guy always makes me smile :)!

I did this embroidery for Hunny a few weeks ago and just finished the pillow off last week...

And of course had to post a couple of photos of my grandbabies....

Hunny is very wide eyed and starting to focus ...she is a brown eyed girl like her mama and daddy.

Aunty Alora can't get enough snuggles from her!

And my little Khye as always looooves the camera! (as you can see, he has my blue eyes ;)!)

Hope you are well and staying warm,

or cool depending on where you are in the world ;)!

Back soon!

Hugs, Jen xo


Anonymous said...

You're better, wonderful. The babies are beautiful of course. And Jenny those pillows are awesome. So talented. May God keep blessing your hands.

Patty's Stitches said...

I love both of the pillows! What precious grandbabies you have. We're definitely staying warm here in Tennessee. It's been in the high 90's for over a week. Even the water in the pool is warm - usually around 85-88 degrees. :-)

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Jen! :) If you have any questions about how to link up stuff just give me a yell, I'd be glad to help you if I can. :) I'd love to have you link up some of your beautiful handiwork! I am SO imnpressed with your sewing're amazing! I just love the teddy bear on the yo yo...ohhh, he's so cute, as is the whole pillow! (but not as cute as your grandbabies!) :)
Love you lots!

Anonymous said...

Jen! Why are you a bit nervous??(your comment on my blog) LOL.
We aren't leaving until we have our Jingle Sox. LOL.