Friday, September 10, 2010

Have I shown you these?...

I bought these gorgeous embellishments for some Jingle Sox recently..
they are so yummy! could almost eat them :)
(except you would break a tooth, they are made of resin!)
ooooh, sweet gingerbread.. and sugary cupcakes

cute grinchy presents ...and drunk snowmen ? !
{ they look pretty drunk to me ;)! }
The Model Mum stopped by while she was shopping this afternoon,
The Bunny was fast asleep in her capsule.... but The Bug was happily chomping on an apple!
it's his favorite food in the world at the moment, he eats the whole thing!
back soon!



Private Moments said...

He sure is enjoying that apple. Good for him.
Hunny is precious with that bow in her hair.
Drunken it!!! LOL.