Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy, busy, busy .....

My darling hubby had to work all weekend so I buried myself in my studio and designed some sox.
Sometimes I forget how much work they are...
I ironed in 10 metres of interfacing and cut out 96 pattern pieces!!
Then I had to start the sewing !
funky christmas stocking
Here is a little look at some of my new styles...
I just love this blue snowman fabric - it is so whimsical!!
christmas stockingThe floral in the middle is beautiful Ava Rose fabric by Tanya Whelan, This fabric is discontinued but I have stocked up on it coz I love it!

Looking a bit floppy :o)! They still need stuffing and lining so back to work for me!

I am not sure I have ever posted a photo of my machines on my blog before so I snapped this (it never usually looks this tidy!!)
On the left is my Bernina 700D Overlocker. It's a great little overlocker, the cheapest in the Bernina range but it does all that I need it to.
In the middle is my Bernina 930 Record.
This machine is a semi-industrial and was a gift from my lovely mother in law! It is such a workhorse and for a 20 year old sewing machine it is still like brand new.
A real dream machine!
On the right of course is my baby, My Bernina Artista 730 Sewing and Embroidery machine.
This machine does everything!
I usually have it embroidering while I am sewing with my 930 but I do love sewing with it too and I it's great to quilt with it as it came with the 'Bernina Stitch Regulator' - a special attachment foot that regulates your stippling stitches - it makes it sooo easy!
I have a few fancy-schmacy feet for my Bernina's so will do a post on them soon, and show you what they all do!

It has been soooo cold here in Perth so I made Khye a special snuggly minky quilt last night.
I used minky on both sides, with wool batting in the middle and then just quickly embroidered a name patch on it and bound it in Michael Miller's cute vintage look Dick and Jane reading fabric..
Not a great job as I did it in an hour but it will keep him nice and warm... he loves soft snuggly blankies, he strokes the fabrics and rubs them on his face when he is sleeping,
gaaahhh!!, he's so wonderful!

Well, only a week and a half till our grandaughter Hunny is to be born, I wonder if Angel will last that long - she looks like she is ready to pop! We am getting so excited!

Also, some exciting news, Copious, (our son Steve and son-in-law Ben's band) entered the Perth Battle of the Bands and had their heat last weekend.

They won and are now in the semi-finals!!

Here is a couple of shots of my boy rocking the house! Didn't get one of Ben, time!!

(hehe, Steve is 6'1, so you can guess how tall their bass player is!!)

Isn't he handsome!!! (biased mother :)!)

Hope you are having a great week! Back soon!

Hugs, Jen xoxox


Richele said...

oh my word the pastel santas - i might need a whole new set! or another stocking ... just in case ... :c)

Anonymous said...

You really have been busy! The sox are super cute.. the fabrics are so sweet!
Wow only a week to go till the baby arrives.. eekk! I bet you are excited..
Congrats to your son and his band, that is really cool, I will listen out for them!
Flick :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! I can confirm that most of the storms belted through here! But everything remains intact...
The chair was so simple to revamp, I use 'Fiddly Bits' spray paint from Bunnings, it's the cheapest, but perfect for this job... I gave the wood a really light sanding, and then one coat of Fiddly Bits grey primer, it dries in 10 minutes and gives really good coverage. Then I use Fiddly Bits flat black (it doesn't show fingerprint or dust!) and I actually only needed one good coat, but I always check I haven't missed any spots!
I was amazed at how great that old chair came up, as that style is not really my thing, now I love it! I hope yours turn out well, do a post on it!
Flick :)

shelia said...

Wow you are one busy lady! I just love your new stockings...and the Ava Rose is one of my favorites to. In fact, i just love everything the she designs.

Congrats to the almost arrived grand baby. I have one on the way too. Being a grandparent is just the best isn't it!!!

Thanks for the pictures of your work space...making me envious!!! My youngest daughter is off to college and I'm..."taking" her room as my new sewing room. Thanks for the inspiration.

And Congrats to your have one busy household right now! Enjoy your weekend.

Rosebud and Bluebells said...

Hi Jenny,
Wow you have been very busy. I love that blanket you made for your grandson, you should seriously be selling them on etsy, you would make a killing it looks so good and I adore the fabrics you chose. I can relate also to your muso son my husband is a muso and now my 18year old is one too. They both play guitar and not many days go by without the sound of an electric guitar in our place. Have a great weekend.

Diane H said...

Wonderful to be able to see where you create your amazing Sox! These are absolutey amazing your fabric choices are fun and beautiful!