Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey Barb !

Look what's here Barb!
(and it's so much prettier in person!)
all ready for Jingle Sox for a couple of travellin' wilburys!!

I have made so many wonderful friends in the blog world.

I have said before that I love nothing more than sharing in a yummy recipe or a fabulous home improvement,
a new sewing pattern or an exciting holiday adventure,
a happy time with the family, or a time that needs urgent prayer.
One of the things that I particularly love sharing
is how God is working in your heart, and what He is teaching you from His word..

My sweet friend Barb from Wishin' the Moon, has been sharing her heart for God with us through her different blogs, and she has inspired me in my role as a wife, and home maker as is called upon in the Scripture.
She has really blessed me with God's words, and has become a very dear friend.
...Do you ever wonder if you are doing what God want's.. or just passing time?
I do, and I love being challenged and taught when others share their faith.
Well now, Barb and her hubby are in the middle of packing up their lives and headin' off on the adventure of a lifetime - RV-ing their way around the US of A!
They are in the process of giving away everything they own,
furniture, household items, clothing,
anything that wont fit into the RV is going!!
I can't wait to see their adventures, I can't wait to hear their stories..
I just wish I could go with them!
(...surely they could squeeze my big ol' butt in the cupboard under the sink ;)!! )
Back soon!
Hugs, jen xo


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, you are so sweet, I bet she is just as thankful for your lovely friendship! Lucky thing, travelling the US, that fabric for the jingle sox is absolutely perfect... she will love them!
Our trip around Aus is getting nearer, and the caravans on the fabric are super cute!!
Flick x

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jen is one of the sweetest women I've met in a long time.
Jen, you humble me with your words. I thank you my friend. I thank God to have been able to meet you. We many years and many long roads yet to travel together and I look forward to it.
I love that fabric. Isn't it the most appropriate thing for a road traveler. Bet you get lots and lots of orders for more.
Thank you my friend.

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Jenny! Yes, you read the recipe only boil the pectin, then stir it straight into the berries and stir for about three minutes. It is SO easy and I swear it's the best strawberry jam EVER!!! Let me know if you try it, I wanna know what you think!
OH and that fabric is ADORABLE! :)
I just love your stockings!

Jenny said...

Thanks Flick, and I know your trip must be coming very soon, all this travel talk is making me want to head off - but I would miss my grand-bugs too much!

Missy, I will definately try the jam, and I know at least I won't burn the fruit this time so yay!!

and Barb, you are a treasure! I am so blessed to have found you as a friend and I am soooo excited to see what you get up to on the road! -big hugs my sweet friend xo