Friday, June 4, 2010

Faux fur...

My fabric has finally started to come in so have been been buried in my studio working hard on Jingle sock orders.
Lots of cutting out and stitching and lots of lovely soft fur...
Not sure if any of you work with fur (not real fur - faux fur!!) but I am having alot of trouble finding a good source of it here in Perth. I had a big stock of it but with all my orders I ran out at christmas. It took me ages to find some nice quality fur and when I did I nearly fainted at the price! $50 a metre - whew!
This is the last of that beautiful piece and the shop that I got it from has sold out. I have been everywhere and cannot find any of this quality... I think I will have to source some out online!.
Just enough to fill my orders!

Lots of real fur in my home though, here's just a few of our fur-babies!

Waiting for a treat!

... such a gentle boy ;)

Snuggling as always..And these two are a worry, Mr Deekie Belle and sweet Alora showing me how gangsta they are.... not!!

Last but by no means least, Khye is fascinated with my glasses, he always pulls them off and tries to put them on his face...

I snapped this of him the other day, doesn't he look like the little boy from Jerry Macguire!!.....

"....the human head weighs eight pounds"


Off to draw the giveaway!! Back soon with the winner!

Big hugs, Jen xo


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hi Jenny,
Thank you so much for coming by and for leaving me such a sweet comment.
I have enjoyed looking around your blog, and i must say you very talented with your hands.
I enjoyed all of your photos today, especially that beautiful grandson of yours. to cute.

Garry - Barb said...

Khye is adorable. You think he will be "gangsta" like his grandpa? :-)
My glasses are just like yours except they are black. I had to laugh. I panic when anyone touches mine.
I didn't realize faux fur was so pricey. Will you be able to find a new supplier before Christmas? You are very talented Jenny.

Jenny said...

You are welcome Sue, always a pleasure to visit you and thanks for your kind comments!

And Barb, he is adorable but I have to say that the gangsta thing really doesn't work in our home ;o)! Actually his poppy is already sizing him up for a surfboard, much more our style lol!!
Funny thing about my glasses, I have had them for nearly 2 years and they were completely hammered as they are just for short vision and I take them on and off all the time leaving them where ever I seem to be standing! Then the arm snapped off and I had alot of sewing to do so I asked hubby to take them in for me and see if the optometrist could just fix them up for a few days till I could get in for an appointment - I was very happy when Doug brought them home that afternoon with brand new frames!! turns out they had a 2 year waranty so he just put my lenses into a new pair! He was very cheeky though and said "here we go, lovely new frames ... with old scratched lenses!".. hehe!
Thank you so much for your lovely compliments, I really enjoy sewing and it has been a real blessing from the Lord for me - I will tell you all about it one day!
Hugs xo

vicki archer said...

Those real fur babies are mighty cute and your gorgeous Khye even cuter....xv