Monday, June 14, 2010

A baby shower and a winner!

Had a lovely weekend, spent time working, enjoying time with the family and fellowshipping with friends.. also on Sunday afternoon we had a baby shower for Angel..
4 weeks till she is due with her little girl...
She is just glowing....

This gorgeous little girl is the daughter of one of Angel's girlfriends... she is named 'Angel Rose', she is the happiest little baby, and look at those eyes - gaahhh, divine!! On Friday I drew the winner of the little Amber redwork embroidery, sorry for the delay in posting the winner ;)

Congratulations to lovely Hanna from Hanna's Motherhood Journal, it's all yours!

Have a great week! Hugs, Jen xo


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. I can't wait to see her daughter. Gets lots of pictures Grandma. :-)

Jenny said...

Oh I will Grandma, I will!!! :o)!

Vorpaks said...

She looks beautiful! Down to the last month -- that is so exciting!

And thank you so much for the chance to win the embroidery!!! It will look so nice in Evelyn's room! :)

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Jenny!
Thanks for your comment on Lincoln..he really does have the face of an angel! (and a heart of gold!) Hey, tell Alora Lincoln has always wanted to visit Australia...we could work this out. :) LOL (of course his momma would have to come visit too..I've always wanted to see your lovely country!)
I can't believe Angel only has a month left to go...she doesn't even look pregnant! She looks wonderful!
Hope you have a great week!
Blessings & Hugs
Melissa :)