Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick post!

Just a quick post.
Sorry my blog is looking so bleak still, I am working on getting it organised :o)!

I have been sewing my little patootie off so have finished all my orders - yay!
Tonight I will start on Vicki's Sox and then I will be designing some new ones for this Christmas. I have some gorgeous new fabrics to play with so will post pics as I go.

Hope you are all having a great week.. will have more photos very soon!

Here's what was on my cutting table yesterday morning, all finished and ready for some photos ;)!

... what do you think of these fabrics and colours - I love them! Can't wait to cut and stitch 'em!


Jen xoxo


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Good morning Jen, Your blog is looking great. I have noticed that most of my blogging friends are changing their template to blogger. Is there a reason for this and if so why and do you like it?

I do love the pretty green and red fabric, and it looks as if you have been busy too. Enjoy your day.

Vorpaks said...

Yay!!!! They are beautiful! That totally made my day. :)

I love the green and red fabric too, very classy!

Private Moments said...

BEAUTIFUL fabrics. You remind me of Prov. 31:13 "she works with her hand in delight".
You are such an edifier Jen. :-)