Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sewing for my little bug...

Hello my lovelies!
Hope you are all going well! I have been busying myself in my studio since we got back from down south... I did a nice spring clean, which always makes me feel better, and have been doing some sewing for my grandbug... made him a couple of little outfits so far, with a few more on the way, I did pants and an appliqued t-shirt, with a little train driver style hat and a bib. The Model and I saw some really cute hats similar to these in Pumpkin patch for little boys but they didn't really go with any of the PP outfits, The Model likes the co-ordinated look so I had a go at making a pattern for the hat and it turned out okay I think... (although the first bib I made was a little too big)
I love his cute DC shoes! (a present from Aunty D...)

Oops... blinded by the flash!

that's better!

Finished this little surfboard set last night - made shorts instead of pants and the bib is a much better size :)! I am sure that he is gonna be on a surfboard as soon as weather permits, Mr Deekie Belle and the kids all surf and so if Poppy has his way he will be surfing before he can walk!

I would love some feedback on the outfits, and thinking of perhaps offering them in my etsy and madeit shop.
Hugs to you all!
Jen xo


Carol R. said...

Those outfits are darling! And hs's such a cutie pie!

Jenny said...

Thanks Carol - I just adore him!!

Anonymous said...

very, very cute - this must be a hard switch from your beautiful, ruffly girlie things!

Jenny said...

Thanks Tinker, yes ....but it is so much fun sewing for him, I love it!