Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Brain Fuzzz......

I have bad brain fuzz. I used to be so sharp, and quick, I had a memory like a steel trap. Names, dates, faces, times - I remembered everything, Mr Deekie Belle used to be completely baffled by it... He was always like - "how in the heck can you remember that??!" But in the last few months I have felt a few things slip and have become a little,.. lets say, blurry...
Anyway, I got quite worried that it was something serious... but discovered that I'm just going through 'peri-menopause'. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is the stage of your life where you are past 'childbirth' but pre -menopausal.
Some of the symptoms of peri-menopause are:

Hot flushes and/or cold flushes (check),
Brain fog (check)
Weight gain (check),
Feelings of Anxiety (check),
Increased tension in muscles (check),
Breast tenderness (check),
Tingling in the extremities (check),
Increase in allergies (check),
Trouble sleeping through the night (check)
and the list goes on.

I have discovered that this can last up to 8 to 10 years and then, you get actual menopause. Some of the symptoms of this are:
Mood swings,
Sudden tears
Breast tenderness,
Hot Flushes and/or cold flushes
Weight gain
Trouble sleeping through the night
Brain fog
Increase in allergies
and the list goes on... and on....

hmmmm, I just love being a woman! :)

Anyway, at least I had a good brain for a while...

Hope you enjoyed this, I thought it was great!!
Hugs to you all!
Jenny xoxox

Ps - I am wanting a new design for my blog ....if anyone know of someone who could help me out please give me a shout xo!


colourdujour said...

oh i can so relate to your brain fog!

and yes I have seen several good blog makeover people -- badges on blogs -- but I can't remember exactly where.

hmmm must be the brain fog again.

I'll keep a watch out, and hope that it is you looking for one. LOL

colourdujour said...

see, you are not alone. I can't even get my sentences right.

I meant to say, "I'll keep a watch out, and hope that I REMEMBER that it is you looking for one"

jenn said...

hi! i stumbled onto your blog via etsy (i love your jingle stockings btw). one of my favorite blogs uses the design girl for her blog set-up. the website is

hope that helps!

Red Nails and Garry said...

Menopause..a rather wonderful place where you quit worrying about everything. My mom's advice concerning "the change": don't fight it, just go with it and it will pass easier.
She was right. Welcome to the "meno-club".
Your work is beautiful.