Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Lady bug with trapunto, and more of our own little Bug...and the Band!

Hi guys, 

I have been a bit under the weather lately but got some sewing done last night, made another lady bug pillow, this time in pink and blue and I did trapunto for the first time too on it! woo-hoo!! Thanks goodness for youtube, that is where I learnt how to do it, not sure if you can see the effect of it in the pics but it does give it alot more depth and a much nicer finish - I am very happy with it! again, thanks to the gorgeous Kellie who took the time to email me and explain to me what trapunto was - she really is a treasure!!

Hubby and I have also been out a few times to listen to our son's band, they played on both Saturday and Sunday night on the weekend and were fantastic - we love you Copious! My darling sis looked after the bug for the model and the other rock star, but after Sunday night's gig we went back to their place to take over until they got home.
 The model wanted to spend a little time with her man after the gig which was lovely..
 I snapped a couple of pics of him while he was in his cot, watching his winnie-the-pooh mobile....

I took this one of the band on Sunday night, and couldn't believe it when I put it up on the computer - looks like the Lord is shining right down on our boy!!

 ..It looks like the rock star is really short doesn't it, but he isn't! 

 He's 6'1"! 
It's just that Noddy, the lead singer is about 6'6" and Blake the basist is 6'5", 
the other rock star completes the front line up at 6'2", and Dave the drummer is 6'... so rather a ominus looking bunch, but really the sweetest guys you could ever meet, It's so true what they say about not judging a book by it's cover ;)! 
(Although I am sure they want to keep their tough guy image and might be a bit embarrased by one of the mum's blabbing about them on her blog..... so shhhhhh!!)

Anyway, must get some sewing done, designing some new Jingle Sox and have a few other things on the go! Have a great week my lovelies!
Hugs to you all!


Diana said...

Cute pillows and a precious grandson! Love em' lots, don't we?

A big hello from Texas.