Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Bug....

Took some photos of my little grandbug today, I love him so much, just want to give him smooshy kisses and cuddles all day long! Sorry for the picture overload but I can't help myself! He is just learning to sit up so we sat him on my cutting table and snapped a few pics of him finding his socks .... I just love the faces he pulls, he does that curly lip thing to perfection!

Also got a better photo of my ladybug pillow...

Back soon with some sewing news...
Jen xoxox


Suzie said...

Hi, Jenny!
Your grandson's smile melts my heart!!!I can understand your love for him!

Jenny you are SOOO Talented!!!
I love that pillow!!! WOW!!

Suzie said...

I went back to your blog and checked your old postings. I love your G..G...pillows!!
They are beautiful, Jenny!!!

Suzie said...

The shipping charge for my mannequin was $40.00.

Here is their web address

Karin said...

Jenny, your grandson looks so sweet. I can imagine you want to take pictures of him all the time and tickle him, just to make him smile :-)