Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feliz dress

I finished this little 'Feliz' dress yesterday. It is a Studio Tantrum pattern. I used the euro fabric called Elfi (I think it is by Hilco)for the little overdress apron and a little rainbow of Holly Holderman Frosted Dots for the ruffely-fluffely underdress. I really love Holly's fabrics, they are so pretty and the colours are such a perfect blend. The Feliz is a little difficult to follow, it needs quite a bit of interpretation because, as is common with most of the Farbenmix/Tantrum patterns, there are no pictures and just a couple of little drawings on the pattern. I am also a little indifferent about the front bodice, not sure it looks too neat with the curved neckline and underarms - I would like to alter it a bit and make the lines a bit cleaner - let me know what you think, I would love to know!



Anonymous said...

Wow! All those tiers of fabric. Just beautiful. I'm working on flowergirl dresses which have 3 tiers all the way around. I can't imagine doing more. I'll post pics of the dresses on my blog when I'm done...which hopefully will be soon - almost ready for zippers :-( ...not my favorite part!

Marie said...

The dress is very nice, the colors are fabulous but I would also do the lines cleaner. Thanks for visiting me in Quilts and threads.

Treasuresofjoy said...

I like the style and the colors are beautiful. That fabric is a favorite too!

Karin said...

Hi Jen, your feliz looks lovely! Great to see how you made it. I just made one too for my little girl, and it looks so much different from yours (it's on my blog, if you're curious). Fun to see how much you can vary with one pattern.

About the pattern being hard to follow: do you know there are step-by-step picture guidelines for every pattern on the farbenmix site? Maybe that would help a bit?

I'll keep Abby in my thoughts..

Jenny said...

Thanks girls, and thanks for the kind help.