Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm having a bloggy GIVEAWAY !!!!


I have made this adorable (am I allowed to say it's adorable??!!) Farbenmix Vida Jumper Dress in a size five and I want to give it away. The front of the dress is quilted with soft fleece and I fashioned the applique after Kellie Wulfsohn from Don't Look Now's Flower Garden Pillow applique, with a little of her new designs "Pretty'n'Pink!" thrown in.

I double stitched all of the applique, and the quilting and stitching are all encased in extra layers of fabric for a longlasting finish.

All seams of the dress are serged and topstitched for extra quality and to make this dress top of the line for you!! I will pay all shipping and packaging charges as well.

I love this dress it, it was a labour of love and I love Kellie's work, she is sensational, such a talented designer and such a lovely, sweet person.

So if you would like to go in the draw to win this jumper dress please leave a comment and tell me who you would like the dress for!! Thanks so much and Good Luck to All!!!!!

Flower Garden Vida Dress size 5

Back  of Flower Garden Vida Dress size 5

Vida Jumper Dress

Hope to get some better photos in the morning with natural sunlight - way better for the 'brights'!!

Hope you are all well, and taking care of yourselves. I will be posting the ending to my story soon too - just need to get myself together!!..
Lots of Love and Hugs
Jenny xo


Autum said...

What a beautiful work of art you've made and some sweet little girl is going to be very lucky!

Niki said...

Ok, Jenny that dress is far too magical to give away.
I would be hanging onto it for dear life.
Oh and I loved the bubby in the bucket & I am eagerly awaiting the rest of your story. Let me know how you go about the porch swing thingo. Wouldn't a porch swing just be divine in our home climate. Think of those long summer evenings cuddling the little one.

take care Niki

Sew_Happily_Ever_After said...

This is just gorgeous! If I won it, it would most definitely go to my 5yo daughter. She'd likely share it with a friend....

Anonymous said...

If I won the dress I would most certainly give it to my niece, who has Autism. She has some of your clothes already and loves them very much. You are a very talented lady in so many ways and you should be very proud of all you have accomplished. Regards Cheree

sweet emmelie said...

Wow you are one amazing lady, so much to go through at such a young age. Absolutely love the dress, so much talent and hardwork has gone into this dress. my oldest girl Emma would love this.
P.S I have just started my own blog and would love it if you could have a sneeky peek at it . Also this is my first giveaway I have entered.

vicki archer said...

Such a sweet dress, xv.

Sarah said...

oh, how adorable! I just saw this in the flickr pool. if I won, I would pop it right onto my daughter, who is going through a major butterfly phase right now!

Soukies said...

Wow! This dress is just absolutely stunnning! I do not have any little girls anymore, she is all grown up but I do know a beautiful little girl who would be thrilled to walk around with such a masterpiece on! Great job!

andrea said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!! I LOVE how this turned out! Those applique's are TDF!!

Jenny said...

Thank you all for your comments ladies!!, I will be drawing it on Monday!! so look out for who wins

shelia said...

well...i don't think it will fit me (i could try) but i'm sure it will look fantastic on my grandaughter! or should be hung above the fireplace and just admired!!!!

momma rae said...

wow! i can't believe you are giving away such an amazing work of art!! too generous! i would love to see this on my sweet daughter, who happens to be a size 5!! thanks for the opportunity! ;)