Saturday, April 11, 2009

50 Years of Love and Commitment

Today my beautiful Mum and Daddy celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated with a party last weekend and it was wonderful.

My parents have had one heck of a life - they were both born in India, Dad's family moved to Egypt for a while and then on to England when he was a young lad. As some of my regular readers will know my Grandpa was a Beefeater in the Tower of London so dad lived and grew up as one of the Tower Boys. These were kids who spent their nights sneaking out of their bedroom windows and creeping around all the nooks and crannies of the Castle terrorizing the guards and spooking them out. There is lots of legends of the Tower of London being haunted and inhabited by ghosties, but the real truth of it is that it was my Uncle Pete, Uncle Tom and my Dad and their mad mates (as I said before, I will put some of the stories up when I work out all the when, where, and who's!) It makes me laugh though, poor Uncle Tom seemed to always get into trouble for it all - he tells me as the youngest his (often) empty bed was in direct line of sight down the passage of their home and the first one Grandpa saw when he looked, so it was always "THOOMMAAASSSS!!!!" They were very inventive and daring young men and never missed an opportunity to scare some poor soul witless!! Shame!!

Mum moved back to England with her family when she was 12. She went to the same school as dad and when they were older they began dating and eventually got married. When I was three Mum and Dad decided to migrate from England to Canada - so off we went to Toronto, Ontario for 6 years. Then they decided it was too cold and got ready to migrate again, this time to Sunny Downunder - Australia!

We took a ship across the ocean and visited Hawaii and New Zealand on the way, it was wonderful, such a magical time!! Anyway, here we still are, loving where we live and the life that the Lord has blessed us with. You see, mum and dad weren't Christians when we moved out here, and we met Jesus about 6 months after arriving here so Mum always says that God brought us half way around the world to bring us to Him! I have to agree!

Anyway, their life and marriage has always been an inspiration to all of us - there are four of us girls, plus mum and just dad on his own so I am sure at times he would have felt like tearing his hair out, but he didn't and he was very protective overm his girls...

So Thank you my darlings for giving me the best life I could ever have asked for - for showing me unconditional love, and patience and for always being there when I need you and even when I didn't. Thank you for being so much fun, and being the kind of parents we can always laugh with!! Thanks for teaching us how to put Christ first in our hearts and lives and to live the life He wants for us.
I love you Daddy and Mummy, you are my world!

Here are a few pics from the party!

ps - (will label pics soon)

extra note - bought this book - love it!!!!


Anonymous said...

sweet post - Congratulations to your family - my favorite part of your story is where you found Jesus. He completes every family who invites Him in!

Crazy Sister said...

That's quite a family story!

modkidboutique said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Jenny! Happy Easter to you and yours too!!


Hippomanic Jen said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely family story, I always knew Australia must be close to God!

Thanks also for leaving such a lovely Looong comment on my blog. The eighties were a bit of a worry from the hair perspective - I could never achieve big hair, but I'm getting my own back now that straight is in!!