Saturday, July 2, 2011

Using up scraps...

I had these pieces cut out and sewn together years ago 
to make a set of place mats.

As I was making them I realised they were not what I wanted 
so I stuffed them in my "UFO" box 

and there they have been ever since.

I was waiting on a couple of replies to some emails so I could keep going on a lovely big order 
and I found them when looking for some batting.

 I decided to just stitch them together as they were 
and see what I could come up with..

(click on any photo and they will open in a new window much larger!)

Here they are, all ironed.....
hmmmm -  a lap quilt I thought!

So I used my super-amazing-fantastic-Bernina-walking-foot-with-built-in-measuring-stick!
(gosh I love that thing!!)

I Found a piece of old linen to back and bind it.

I decided to machine bind it, 
which I never usually do, as I loooove the process of hand finishing my cushions/quilts, 
I find it very carthartic and relaxing.

but my customer had replied and I wanted to get back to her Jingle Sox..

I stitched the binding to the back of the quilt
and pulled it over to the front and stitched in the ditch to finish it off..

Didn't have much time to take any great photos as I am busy sewing.

I am working with  photos of three of the most gorgeous doggies I have ever seen!  

(it's work trust me, it's for Jingle Sox!!)

but I snapped one quickly on the chair I threw it on!  

Will get a better one tomorrow!!

(click on any photo and they will open in a new window much larger!)

From start to finish it took about an hour and 15 minutes so I was pretty pleased with that!

Have a great weekend my Lovelies!!!!



B. Spence-Taylor said...

Beautiful with a vintage feel to it. You are SO talented.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

It looks fantastic Jen....well done!

Dawn said...

Amazing, things that we think will take ages to complete amnd get tossed aside turn to be the most joyous once we put our minds to's BEAUTIFUL!...well done on a ufo finished...
Hugs Dawn x x

Flick, said...

Hi Jen! That looks absolutely beautiful.. To create that so fast is such a talent! Thanks for visiting today, it's always so lovely to hear from you. Take care,
Flick xo

Ava said...

I could never make something that clever in such a short time,,,, You sure are talented Jen, Have a great week xx Ava

Bev C said...

Hello Jen,

Congrats on finishing a quilt in such a short time. Did you knit the jumper that is folded up in the bottom photo?
Have a great day.

wheredobabiescomefrom said...

I made my husband, who has no interest in blogs or sewing,amazing read this. You have SUCH an awesome gift! That you just whipped that up, so quickly and beautifully ... amazing!

Jenny said...

aww thanks guys, and Richele, poor Mike LOL!!!
Jen xo